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Fledermaus – takt op. Symphony – Musicart Guide Wiki



Fledermaus Summary

“Hehehehe. Information is everything in a war.”

  • takt op Symphony Tier List Rank: C
  • Rarity: 3-Star
  • Class: Warden


A cheerful optimist who likes gossip very much. She often teases people and enjoys their reactions. But her favorite is tinkering with machines, sometimes even spending the Whole day immersed in them.

  • Height: 152cm
  • Interests: Mischief, Tinkering with machines
  • CV: Asai Ayaka

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Fledermaus Skills

Peak Performance
Active: Instantly recover 60% max HP and cleanse 2 debuffs.
Passive: Gain 1 stack of [Prank] for each successful Protection. When at 2 stacks of [Prank], remove this effect and grant all allies a shield equal to 5% of Fledermaus’ current HP.
Friend or Foe
Skill 1
Receive magical Protection, which protects 2 allies behind from Magical Damage 2 times for 2 turns.
Mortality Kiss
Skill 2
Deal damage to a single enemy equal to 90% of Magical Attack. All allies gain a shield equal to 10% of Fledermaus’ current HP.
Fling Hammer
Skill 3
Reduce the target’s Magical Defense by 10% for 1 turn and deal 140% magical damage. If Fledermaus’ speed is higher than the target’s, the defense reduction is increased to 20%.

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takt op. Symphony is available to play for free on the App Store, and Google Play.