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Genshin Impact: Best DPS Amber Build 2024 (February)

Here is our Genshin Impact: best DPS amber build guide.

Genshin Impact: Best DPS Amber Build

It is no secret that Amber is one of the characters in Genshin whose damage is on the lower side of the Spectrum. Therefore, it is only natural that players tend to frown upon the thought of using Amber as their main DPS.

However, what if I tell you there is a secret Pyro built for Amber that allows her to deal a ludicrous amount of damage. Will you still frown at this powerhouse of a character? Let’s find out.

To build Amber as your main DPS there are three main things you need to utilize i.e Elemental Damage, Crits, and Base ATK respectively. You can increase these stats by pairing an Amo’s Bow with suitable Artifacts.

With that said, today in this guide we will be helping you find the best DPS build for Amber. So get ready for some changes to your Amber Build.

How Does DPS Amber Work?

Amber is a character that relies on Physical and Elemental Burst to take down her enemies. This playstyle allows her to build two different types of DPS builds:

  • Physical Build
  • Pyro Build 

Even though both of these builds are able to dish out ridiculous amounts of damage, the Pyro build ends up being a little better due to her elemental damage. With that said, here is how you can dish out the most damage using a Pyro DPS build.


First things first, if you want this build to work you will need the help of a 5-star bow. With that said, you can’t just give her any 5-star bow and hope for it to work. 

Amber requires a weapon that provides her with a great amount of ATK damage. Even though there are a few bows that provide her with exactly that; Skywards Harp, Rust, etc, they are still pale in comparison to Amo’s Bow.

Amo’s Bow

Genshin Impact: Best DPS Amber Build

Amo’s Bow is the perfect weapon for Amber. The weapon has a high Base ATK of 608 at level 90 with a passive that only helps her deal more damage. If that is not enough, the bow also gives an extra 10.8 percent ATK damage boost due to its sub-stat.


Artifacts are something that can make or break a good build. Having said that, it can be really hard to figure out which Artifacts go with which characters. So, to help you out we have listed down all the Artifacts you will need for this build to work.

Wanderer’s Troupe

Genshin Impact: Best DPS Amber Build

Wanderer’s Troupe’s passive allows Amber to deal an increased 35 percent damage on her charged abilities. This charged attack makes up for one of the most broken engages in the game, sometimes even taking out hordes of enemies in one shot.

Noblesse Oblige

Genshin Impact: Best DPS Amber Build

As if having the Amo’s Bow passive wasn’t enough, this Artifact also provides your entire team with an ATK damage buff. Once equipped, you and your team are able to do 20 percent increased damage per elemental burst.

Note: This Ability cannot be stacked and only last for 12 seconds per elemental burst. 

The Exile

Genshin Impact: Best DPS Amber Build

As this build revolves around dealing damage through your elemental bursts, having some kind of ER is a must. With that said, Exile provides the wearer with +20 percent ER while also increasing your team’s ER by 2.


Genshin Impact: Best DPS Amber Build

Lastly, an Instructor is an Artifact that increases the Elemental Mastery of the wearer and their party members. By equipping this artifact, you will be able to increase Amber’s fire damage.


All in all, this guide will help you play Amber as your main DPS without feeling underpowered. With that said, we hope that after reading this guide you will have a better understanding of who Amber is as a character and how to fully utilize her.

Genshin Impact is available to download on PC for free from the Epic Games Store and the official game Launcher.

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