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10 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid In Genshin Impact 2023 (December)

Here are 10 beginner mistakes to avoid in Genshin Impact when you’re just starting out in the game.

The world of Gacha is a mysterious yet addictive place. You find yourself pouring your savings on a repeated basis. While that aspect has become somewhat of a staple, it’s still possible to minimize rookie mistakes that can make or break Genshin Impact for you.

The most common mistake a Genshin Impact player can make is not playing according to your character’s strengths. Consequently, you will also need to put a greater focus on the Gacha timings in order to pre-farm your way to success. 

Needless to say, simply focusing isn’t enough to make you better in the game. Rather, you need to fix and build up your fundamentals in order to thrive in Genshin Impact. 

In this article, we will be taking a look at the top mistakes you can avoid in order to have a smoother and easier experience. While most of these are relatively newbie-focused, others can potentially aid more experienced players as well, so let’s jump in and get started. 

Top Genshin Impact Mistakes To Avoid

As mentioned, there is probably a plethora of mistakes a Genshin newbie can make that can negatively affect his/her game experience. While it’s possible for you to be genuinely stuck at something, most of the time – the game follows a ‘you reap what you sow’ playstyle. 

With that being said, here are a bunch of beginner mistakes you can try to avoid in order to excel in Genshin Impact while possible grabbing a bunch of good characters for yourself:

1. Not Unlocking Waypoints

10 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid In Genshin Impact

The map of Genshin Impact is vast, and with so many realms intertwined together, you’ll find yourself traveling from one point to another throughout most of the early game. While there’s no harm in that, it’s still generally recommended that you use the waypoints for their intended purposes. 

Since you generally want to speed through most of the early game content. It’s better to use everything at your disposal to achieve it. Having said that, there is a multitude of waypoints available in Genshin Impact. Therefore, you will always have some use for them regardless of your exploration strategy. 

2. Exploring Excessively

10 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid In Genshin Impact

While exploration is an integral portion of the game, doing it excessively can yield diminishing returns. This is because you need to invest your time in a bunch of quests since they’ll be the ones yielding any rewards. 

While you can theoretically get items and materials by killing random enemies in the cast map of Genshin Impact, it is still better to do efficient research instead of donning the happy-go-lucky attitude. 

3. Ignoring Quests

10 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid In Genshin Impact

Quests are your main source of loot and experience. Killing a bunch of mobs does not equate to the experience and gold a single quest can give. Plus, most of the high-paying events work on a quest model. Thus, ignoring them does not only hinder your in-game progression but also allows other players to get ahead of you. 

While this can be easily resolved with the help of in-game purchases, you’d rather want to spend that money on actual characters and weaponry. Therefore, it’s just better if you don’t neglect quests in order to have a smoother experience.

4. Not Playing To Your Skills

10 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid In Genshin Impact

Each Genshin Impact character has a kit full of unique skills that define a unique playstyle. While it’s generally difficult to identify that playstyle for a beginner, you will eventually adapt it with frequent practice. 

Knowing when to land that hard-hitting combo, or when to apply debuffs and CC is integral to a smooth victory. Therefore, we recommend you identify how your character is supposed to work and google some guides and builds that help it become the menace it is supposed to be. 

5. Building Incorrectly

10 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid In Genshin Impact

This is an extension of the previous mistake that focuses specifically on what you’re building on your character. As mentioned, you shouldn’t try building DPS on a healing and buffing support. This includes (but is not limited to) weapons, items, and skills.

There is a multitude of items that are tailor-made for unique sets of characters. Therefore, there’s no need to be hasty either. Just build what’s intended to be built and you will experience a significant increase in your in-game damage numbers. 

6. Not Every Item is a Good Item

10 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid In Genshin Impact

While everything in Genshin Impact is intended for a purpose, it doesn’t mean that everything is good as well. While the inverse is also true, you still shouldn’t try pushing in an item that doesn’t belong in your kit. 

Consequently, you should also divert your focus to quests that actually help your character grow stronger. You could spend your time grinding the ‘low-profit’ quests once the better ones are exhausted. Doing so will not only boost your in-game progression but will also give you the necessary time to do more than just blind farm. 

7. Not Researching Banners

10 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid In Genshin Impact

Since Genshin Impact is essentially a Gacha, you will be encountering an entire load of banners offering you boosted drop rates. The most common mistake you can make here is to not research the specifics about these rates, whether the character you want is truly a part of those rates or not?

Gachas are not free. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to roll for a character you want to obtain. Therefore, you need to do your research before investing in a banner. Since the Gacha rates are ever-increasing after every roll, you will need to determine whether it’s worth investing in a banner or not. 

8. Spending Fragile Resin Excessively

10 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid In Genshin Impact

Fragile Resin is an extremely useful in-game item that can grant you 60 Original Resin upon use. While there are plenty of opportunities to spend them in the early game, it’s best if you wait for the later stages (specifically AR45) to come out in order to get the maximum bang for your buck. 

Having said that, the Fragile Resin is most ripe in the later-middle stages of the game. Therefore, it’s best if you save up as much as possible. It’s fine to spend some along the journey but try to save the most of it. It’ll become pretty hard to farm, since you will have much more on your plate later on. 

9. Using Food For Healing

10 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid In Genshin Impact

There is literally no point in consuming food items unless and until you’re in a pivotal fight. These items can deplete pretty quickly if you use them willy nilly. There are a bunch of healing resources that can be used instead of food items that take supplies to procure and produce. 

It’s recommended you use a Statue of the Seven in the early stages of the game in order to heal back up. Saving on these food items might sound petty, but they can be your backup in many of the battles to come. Therefore, don’t waste them!

10. Sprinting Instead of Dashing

10 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid In Genshin Impact

Since the map of Genshin Impact is humongous, you will often find yourself walking though most of it – despite the presence of waypoints. The general rule of thumb here is to spring to the desired location right? Well, yes and no. 

Surprisingly, the dashes in Genshin Impact can be much faster than the sprint mechanic. Thus, you will be experiencing a burst of movement speed before decelerating down to the sprinting speed. Repeating this constantly has no repercussions, so make sure to abuse the heck out of it for faster travel!


In essence, there might be a plethora of abilities you could be using wrongly. However, the basics are what matter the most. Therefore, it’s generally preferable to just focus on getting the basics of the game first so you can have a stable foundation for your future progression. 

Genshin Impact is available to download on PC for free from the Epic Games Store and the official game Launcher.

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