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Genshin Impact: Best DPS Yelan Build 2023 (February)

Here is our Genshin Impact: best DPS Yelan build guide.

Genshin Impact: Best DPS Yelan Build

Throughout the years, Genshin Impact has continued to deliver awe-inspiring characters like Yelan. Since the ever-evolving mechanics of the game have never been stagnant, learning what these characters do and how to best utilize them can pose a challenge. 

Needless to say, going the DPS build on Yelan can prove to be risky since her kit requires you to perform to perfection. That being said, it does tend to yield a lot in exchange.

To utilize Yelan to her full extent, you need to make sure that the weapons you equip synergize with her kit. Having said that, all of Yelan’s abilities scale with health rather than Attack damage making health the key factor for this build.

In this guide, I will be taking you through the most viable ways of playing Yelan as a DPS carry, along with any necessary tips that help you in the long run.

How to Does DPS Yelan Work?

Traditionally due to Yelan’s kit, she is most often played as a sub-DPS character. However, this doesn’t stop players from spamming her as their main DPS character.

With that said, if you want to play Yelan as your main DPS, you will need to keep these three key aspects in your mind.

  • Main Weapon
  • Artificial Stats
  • Team Comp

Main Weapon

Even though Fading Twilight was released in tandem with Yelan, the bow is not necessarily the best for her. Having said that, there are a plethora of four and five-star weapons out there that provide her with excellent value.

Before we jump onto which weapon you need to build on Yelan, you need to understand Yelan’s scaling better. All of Yelan’s scaling revolves around her health; this makes building ATK DMG on her useless.

With that said, the weapon you choose for her should have an ER sub-stat. However, if it doesn’t possess one, a good Artifact Stat is bound to do the trick for you. 

Aqua Simulacra

Genshin Impact: Best DPS Yelan Build

Aqua Simulacra is a 5-star Bow and is known as Yelan’s signature weapon. The reason this weapon synergizes with Yelan so perfectly is its passive. The bow’s passive doesn’t only give Yelan bonus health, which increases her ability damage, but it also provides her with a Crit sub-stat.

However, as mentioned before ER is necessary for Yelan’s build and this bow fails to provide her with that. Therefore, building Sand of Eon for that extra ER will always be worth it.


Genshin Impact: Best DPS Yelan Build

Now that we have picked up our weapon, we need to decide which Artifact we need to go for. Artifacts are equipable items that allow you to increase your character’s stats. With that said, there are only two types of Artifacts that are viable with Yelan.

  • Health sands
  • ER sand 

The rule of thumb for picking up these artifacts goes something like this. If you have a weapon that has ER in it, you go for a health sand Artifact otherwise you always go for an ER one.

Team Comps

As for what team Comps you should play with Yelan? The answer to that question is a very simple one. Yelan is a very flexible character that allows her to fit with almost any comp out there. But if we have to pick a comp for her it would be:

  • Beidou
  • Fischl
  • Bennett

This comp allows you to combine Yelan’s elemental shield with Bennett’s healing, hence providing you with sustainability. Moreover, Fischl ER passive will help Yelan spam her abilities. 


Yelan is a very unique character when it comes to her damage scaling. Her health scaling makes it very confusing for players to utilize her properly.

However, in this guide, we have mentioned everything you need to know about her scalings and how to utilize them. With that said, we hope this guide will help you master Yelan in no time.

Genshin Impact is available to download on PC for free from the Epic Games Store and the official game Launcher.

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