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Home Run Simulator Codes 2024 (June)

Here is our complete collection of active and working Roblox Home Run Simulator codes. Obtain free in-game Gems, Coins, and Boosts!

Home Run Simulator Codes

You may have played Goal Kick Simulator on Roblox, and Home Run Simulator is another game just like that one. The goal here (pun intended) is very simple. You take your baseball bat and swing it such that you can throw it to the stands, exactly like a traditional home run in baseball.

You can do this by holding down the charge button, and releasing it once you’ve perfectly charged up a bar that determines how well you will hit the ball. Although the basic idea here is pretty simple, the game is made addictive by its wide variety of rewards and customization options.

You can get crates to open and change your bat and balls. You can also use coins to upgrade your strength, accuracy, and speed to make sure you can hit better shots as you progress. 

Not the most patient of players? Or maybe you just don’t like grinding for new stuff? Don’t worry! There are also power-ups and boosts that you can use to quickly gain an advantage over others or if you simply cannot wait to get those sweet rewards.

With that said, by using the below-mentioned Home Run Simulator codes you can help yourself with some free gems and boosts in-game. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

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Home Run Simulator codes

Updated July 16, 2022
Checked for new codes

Active codes:

This is a complete list of Home Run Simulator codes.

  • 120kHalt—Redeem this code and receive 50k gems (New)
  • 40klikes—Redeem this code and receive boosts (New)
  • 5million—Redeem this code and receive gems (New)
  • Saturn—Redeem this code and receive boosts
  • 35klikes—Redeem this code and receive boosts
  • 4million—Redeem this code and receive Gems
  • 3million—Redeem this code and receive 20 minutes of 2x XP and 2x Coins
  • 85kHalt—Redeem this code and receive 85k Gems
  • 25kLikes—Redeem this code and receive 750 Gems
  • 20kLikes—Redeem this code and receive free rewards
  • Jupiter—Redeem this code and receive 15 minutes of all Boosts
  • 2million—Redeem this code and receive Coins and Gems
  • 15kLikes—Redeem this code and receive 5 minutes of Boosts and Gems
  • 1million—Redeem this code and receive 1 million Coins
  • 50kHalt—Redeem this code and receive 50k Gems
  • 10kLikes—Redeem this code and receive 10 minutes of Double Coins and Legendary Luck
  • 5000Likes—Redeem this code and receive 5 minutes of 2x Coins, 2x XP, and Legendary Luck
  • summer—Redeem this code and receive a Luck boost
  • 1000likes—Redeem this code and receive a 2x Coins Boost
  • HALT—Redeem this code and receive 50 Gems

Expired codes:

  • There are currently no expired codes.

What are Home Run Simulator codes?

Home Run Simulator Codes allows you to get your hands on free in-game items and resources. Depending on the code you used, you can get Gems, Coins, and boosts.

How to redeem Home Run Simulator codes?

To redeem your Home Run Simulator code follow the below-mentioned steps:

Home Run Simulator Codes
  • Click on the Bag icon on the right side of your screen.
  • Now a Twitter icon will appear, click on it and enter the code in the code text box.
  • Lastly, press redeem to get your rewards.

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