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Vampire Survivors Best PowerUps

Here is our Vampire Survivors best powerups guide. Learn how PowerUps work and which ones to prioritize.

Vampire Survivors PowerUp Guide

PowerUps are purchasable improvements to your stats which can be bought from the Main Menu using Gold Coins that you earn during your playthroughs. Once purchased, your Vampire Survivor starts their run with those buffs in effect.

There are 20 different PowerUps in the game, each affecting a different player stat. Each PowerUp has an initial cost that goes up as you purchase more and more PowerUps. Most PowerUps can also be upgraded at an additional cost for stronger benefits. For example, you can purchase “Cooldown 1” for 900 coins, and then “Cooldown 2” for an additional 1822 coins.

If you’re unsatisfied with your purchases, you can refund them at any time with no penalty. As such, you don’t need to worry about making any mistakes when you’re starting out!

Vampire Survivors Best PowerUps

Here’s our Vampire Survivors best powerups list.


Investing in Greed is a great idea because it will make it easier to purchase other shop items. Put all five points into Greed when you can.

MoveSpeed, Magnet

Higher movement speed coupled with Magnet allows you to maneuver through the maps, avoid mobs and grab gems with more ease. Grab a single point in these as soon as possible and upgrade them after you get Amount.


The amount is possibly the most powerful PowerUp and should be prioritized over everything else. It increases your projectile amount by one, meaning you start every game with two projectiles of each item.


Might is a universally useful PowerUp that increases your damage by 5% per rank. Once you can afford it, put all five points in.


Growth increases experience gained from gems. It’ll help you level up a lot faster and get to your weapon and passive upgrades sooner.

Medium Priority PowerUps


This PowerUp lowers your weapons’ cooldown by up to 5%. A great pick-up once you can afford it.


This PowerUp increases the area affected by your attacks. It has extra synergy with area-of-effect weapons like the Lightning Ring, Fire Wand, and Axe.


Affects the speed of your projectiles. It Synergises well with any weapon that has projectiles.


All three points in Luck can nearly guarantee that you have four options whenever you level up.


Duration isn’t used by many weapons, but it does significantly improve Runetracer and Bone.

Vampire Survivors Worst PowerUps

These PowerUps should generally be considered low priority.

Armor, Max Health, Recovery

Defense is not very important in this game, so these are low on your priority list. Buy them once you’ve purchased all of the higher priority items.


Curse is a totally optional PowerUp that increases the game’s difficulty by buffing the enemies’ damage, health, frequency, and number. Only purchase it if you’re looking for a challenge.


Revival revives you once per game at 50% health. It can come in clutch sometimes, but the PowerUp is very expensive. It should be purchased once you’ve gotten more important items out of the way.

Special PowerUps

There are four special PowerUps in the game which must be unlocked before they can be purchased. These PowerUps are generally more expensive and can only be purchased after certain late-playthrough milestones are completed.


Omni increases all your stats. You unlock Omni by getting the Torrona’s Box to Level 9 in a game, and you unlock Torrona’s Box by holding six different weapon evolutions at once. This is a very strong PowerUp and the most useful of the special PowerUps. Grab it and its upgrades once you can afford them!


The first level is unlocked by reaching level 100 with Mortaccio. It allows you to get different choices when leveling up. A very nice quality-of-life option that should be picked up once you’ve gotten the other PowerUps and can afford to purchase it.


Unlocked by filling 50 entries in the Collection, this item allows you to banish a certain item from your level-up options permanently for the duration of your run. Nifty for getting rid of an item you know you won’t want to purchase.


The first rank of Skip is unlocked by surviving for 15 minutes in the Bonus Stage Il Molise. This item allows you to skip a level up and gain experience instead.

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Vampire Survivors is available to play on Steam.