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Honkai Star Rail Sushang Build Wiki (March 2023)

Here’s our complete Honkai Star Rail Sushang build guide. Rating the best build, relics, light cones, eidolons & skills for this character.

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Honkai Star Rail Sushang Build Guide

Honkai Star Rail Sushang Story Introduction

The daughter of Fu Hua’s 7th disciple, Qin Suyi, and also the protagonist from 7 Swords visual novel from Honkai Impact 3rd is now appeared in another universe, Honkai: Star Rail. As a person who is filled with admiration, Sushang is eager to become a figure like the historic legends of the Cloud Knights. Thus, Sushang became a newcomer to the Cloud Knights. As a new member of the Xianzhou Luofu’s Cloud Knights, Sushang holds the philosophies “be eager to help those in need”, “do one good deed a day and reflect on oneself three times a day”.

In the beta access, there is a slight hint that shows Jing Yuan as the leader that leads the Cloud Knights of the Xianzhou Luofu from his character introduction. But, we don’t know what is the relationship between Sushang and Jing Yuan yet, about who is the other generals of the Xianzhou Alliance, or about how Sushang can become a member of the Cloud Knights.

Best Honkai Star Rail Sushang Build

Sushang is a playable 4 star Physical character in Honkai: Star Rail, with The Hunt Path. A character that has The Hunt path is the kind of character that acts as the single-target nuker of your team because of their high potential damage outcome. For Sushang, her kit revolves around RNG, which it will give a chance to deal with multiple hits to one enemy. You can even consider using Sushang to face tough-tier enemies, like bosses for example because of her potential to slash only one enemy.

Since her Ultimate will advance her own action, giving her more turns to attack the enemy, and her damage attribute scales from ATK, we recommend you to invest in Physical DMG Boost, ATK, and also SPD. Physical DMG Boost because all of her attacks will deliver Physical damage, and her Skill and Ultimate entirely scale on her ATK too. For the SPD attribute, there is one physical relic, 4 set Champion of Streetwise Boxing that will increase Sushang’s attack every time she got hit or she performs an attack, meaning the faster she got her turn, the faster she can buff her own ATK too. Not to mention, her own signature light cone, Swordplay, also have a similar effect that will buff her own damage dealt every time she hits the same target, thus having more turns from higher SPD can also be useful for Sushang.

For the team composition, you can pair Sushang with turn modification support like Bronya, which will also buff her ATK and CDMG, or with Asta which will buff her SPD from Asta’s Ultimate, while also buff Sushang’s ATK too.

You also want to consider pairing Sushang with different kinds of elements depending on your enemies’ weaknesses elements, because Sushang’s kit also revolves around utilizing enemies’ weakness break. When you utilize weakness break in your team, you would also want to try pairing Sushang with Himeko, as Himeko’s passive talent will also do a follow-up attack if there is an enemy that got their weakness broken.

Honkai Star Rail Sushang Best Light Cone

Honkai Star Rail Sushang Build Guide


Rarity: 4 Star (The Hunt Path)
Effect: For each time the wearer hits the same target, increase the DMG dealt by 8%, up to 5 time(s). The stack effect will be reset when the wearer changes target.

Swordplay is Sushang’s signature Light Cone. Since Sushang’s skill have a chance to proc multiple hit, and her Ultimate will advance her own turn, giving her more chance to hit the same enemy more time, stacking her DMG increase up to 5 times will be relatively easy. With up to 5 times, increasing the DMG up to 40% is a big multiplier for Sushang, making this light cone the best in slot for her. The good thing is, this light cone’s rarity is a 4 star one, making it relatively doable to get this light cone for Sushang.

But if you don’t have Swordplay, Sushang’s kit actually fits all the currently available light cones for The Hunt Path. From the 5 star one, In The Night, or another 4 star one, Only Silence Remains, or even the F2P 3 star light cones, Arrows and Darting Arrow.

In the Night

Rarity: 5 Star (The Hunt Path)
Effect: Increase CRIT Rate of the wearer by 12%. If the wearer’s SPD is above 100, for every additional 15 points, increase the wearer’s Basic ATK DMG and Skill DMG by 8%, and increase the wearer’s Ultimate CRIT DMG by 8%. This effect can stack up to 6 time(s).

In the Night is actually Seele’s signature light cone, but the effect syncs Sushang’s kit really well too. In return, if you equip In the Night, you need to invest more SPD, preferably reaching 200 SPD to get the effect to the fullest. The crit Rate increase, ATK and Skill DMG increase, and also ultimate Crit DMG increase. It’s all that Sushang’s wanted ideally.

Only Silence Remains

Rarity: 4 Star (The Hunt Path)
Effect: Increase ATK of its wearer by 20%. If there are 2 or fewer enemies on the field, increase the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 12%.

Only Silence Remains is actually Dan Heng’s signature light cone, but the ATK increase from this light cone can still sync nicely for Sushang’s build needs. Despite it’s not really ideal compared to the big damage gap from Sushang’s own signature light cone, Swordplay, the Crit Rate increase from this light cone is still useful especially if you face single boss combat, making it easier to trigger critical hit.


Rarity: 3 Star (The Hunt Path)
Effect: Increase CRIT Rate of its wearer by 12%.

Arrows is the substitute light cone recommendation if you don’t have Swordplay. That crit rate effect which could reach up to 24% if you superimpose this light cone into S5, will definitely help Sushang to have a higher crit rate percentage, so you can invest more in Crit DMG or ATK or SPD from her relics build. Since this is a 3 star rarity, it will definitely be easier to superimpose this light cone too. Making it one of the recommended F2P light cone substitute for Sushang.

Darting Arrow

Rarity: 3 Star (The Hunt Path)
Effect: When the wearer defeats an enemy, increase ATK by 20% for 3 turn(s).

Darting Arrow is another light cone substitution if you don’t have Swordplay yet. With a drawback that you need to kill the enemy first, this ATK buff will only activate if Sushang is the one who is able to trigger the killing attack. But, once Sushang is able to activate this light cone, it’s actually will enhance her damage quite well, especially if you able to superimpose Darting Arrow to the max, giving up to 40% ATK buff. And the good news is, that this buff lasts for 3 turns, it should be enough to kill another minion to refresh the ATK buff duration.

But if you only have Arrows and Darting Arrow, we would recommend you to equip Arrows first, because it’s better to have a guaranteed higher Crit Rate compared to the chance of getting ATK  increase with the requirement that Sushang must be the one who triggers the final blow attack.

Honkai Star Rail Sushang Best Relics

As a physical single target DPS character, you would want to invest a lot in Physical DMG Boost for Sushang. In the beta access, the physical relic actually syncs perfectly with Sushang’s mechanic, performing more turns to get an ATK increase, which Sushang’s Ultimate will advance Sushang’s own turn by 100%, making her able to spam more turns easily.

Here are the options that you can choose for Sushang’s best relics build. You can either go with the physical relics, which we recommend the most, or you can use these other relics build:

  1. 5 Piece Champion of Streetwise Boxing
  2. 4 Piece Champion of Streetwise Boxing + 2 Piece +15% ATK
  3. 2 Piece Champion of Streetwise Boxing + 4 Piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat
  4. 5 Piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat
  5. 2 Piece Champion of Streetwise Boxing + 4 Piece Hunter of Glacial Forest
  6. 5 Piece Hunter of Glacial Forest

Champion of Streetwise Boxing

  • 2 Piece: Increases Physical DMG by 12%.
  • 4 Piece: Wearer’s ATK increases by 7% after the wearer performs or receives an attack. This effect can stack up to 6 times.
  • 5 Piece: Increases Physical DMG by 12%.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

  • 2 Piece: Increases ATK by 15%.
  • 4 Piece: When the wearer uses Basic ATK, increases the wearer’s ATK by 20% and SPD by 10 for 1 turn.
  • 5 Piece: Increases ATK by 15%.

Hunter of Glacial Forest

  • 2 Piece: Increases ATK by 15%.
  • 4 Piece: When the current HP of the wearer is above 50% of Max HP, increases the wearer’s Skill DMG by 30%.
  • 5 Piece: Increases ATK by 15%.

Honkai Star Rail Sushang Best Relics Main Stats

For the main stats, here are the recommended relics build for Sushang:

  • Feet: ATK
  • Neck: Physical Damage Boost
  • Article: Crit Rate / Crit Damage

Honkai Star Rail Sushang Best Relics Main Sub-Stats

Here are the sub stats that you should aim for:

  • Crit Damage
  • Crit Rate
  • ATK
  • Energy Restoration
  • Speed

As usual, having a ratio of 1:2 Crit Rate : Crit DMG would be ideal, while at the same time investing more on the ATK so that Sushang’s damage increase will be higher too. And if you equip Seele’s signature light cone, In the Night, you can also use SPD main stats relic and also get a lot of SPD from the substats too, preferably above 100 SPD.

Honkai Star Rail Sushang Skills

These are the current skills for Sushang in the beta.

Normal Attack: “Knight Sword Art: Stellar Halo”

  • Deals 50% of Sushang’s ATK as Physical DMG to a target enemy.

Skill: “Knight Sword Art: Mountainfall”

  • Deals 120% of Sushang’s ATK as Physical DMG to a target enemy. In addition, after the final hit, there is a 33% chance of triggering Sword Stance, dealing 65% of Sushang’s ATK as additional Physical DMG to the target. If the target has Weakness Break, Sword Stance is guaranteed to trigger.

Ultimate: “Shape of Taixu: Dawn Herald”

  • Deals 210% of Sushang’s ATK as Physical DMG to a target enemy and immediately Advances her action forward by 100%. In addition, Sushang’s ATK increases by 18% and using her Skill has 2 additional chances to trigger Sword Stance for 2 turn(s). Sword Stance triggered from the additional chances deals 50% of the original DMG.

Talent: “Flowing Blade”

  • When there is an enemy with Weakness Break on the field, Sushang’s SPD increases by 15.0% for 2 turn(s).

Technique: “Knight Sword Art: Rush”

  • Immediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, deals 50% of Sushang’s ATK as Physical DMG to all enemies.

Honkai Star Rail Sushang Eidolon

These are the current Eidolon for Sushang in the beta.

E1: “Child’s Play”

  • If the target of the Skill has Weakness Break, after using the Skill. Sushang regenerates 1 Skill Point.

E2: “Refined Body”

  • After triggering Sword Stance. Sushang receives 20% reduced DMG for 1 turn.

E3: “Ancient Sword Style”

  • Ultimate Lv. +3, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

E4: “Sharp Mind”

  • Ultimate’s CRIT Rate increases by 15% and CRIT DMG increases by 25% for targets with Weakness Break.

E5: “Will of Taixu”

  • Skill Lv. +3, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1. up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

E6: “Adapt Like Water”

  • Talent’s SPD Boost can stack up to 2 times. Additionally, after entering battle. Sushang immediately gains 1 stack of SPD Boost.

Sushang’s Recommended Eidolon

For Honkai: Star Rail Sushang eidolon recommendation, we recommend you to aim for E1 and E6. Sushang’s eidolon revolves around targeting weakness break enemy, buffing her Skill spam frequency and Ultimate damage.

For E1, regenerating Skill points means that Sushang can spam her skill more often instead of waiting for it to refill from using a basic normal attack.

E2 is basically making Sushang more durable and able to withstand more attack, but it’s not really mandatory.

E4 is where you will get higher Crit DMG and Crit Rate, but only for a target that has a weakness break. Despite the damage buff is indeed amazing, this buff will not work on normal enemies. It will be very useful on weak enemies, but most of the time, when facing high-tier bosses, they do tend to have a thick weakness break gauge, making it rarer to benefit from this E4 buff. So it could be worth it if you facing an enemy with an easy weakness break trigger, but it won’t be that worth it for fighting an enemy with thick weakness break bar because you need to make decision to either save up your Ultimate bar for later usage, or you need to do the Ultimate now with the consequence of not benefiting this 25% Crit DMG buff.

E6 basically gives more SPD buff to Sushang whenever the enemies got a weakness break, making Sushang’s SPD faster and giving her more chance to get her turn more often too. Totally worth it because you don’t need Sushang to trigger the weakness break to make this buff activate.


After reading this page, we hope that you now understand about how to get the best build for Sushang. For the build, we totally recommend you to invest a lot on Physical DMG Boost, ATK and SPD.

For the relics, since Sushang is a physical character with The Hunt Path, you can use at least 4 set physical relic, Champion of Streetwise Boxing to benefit the ATK increase every time Sushang gets a turn or when she got hit. Because her Ultimate will also speed up her action, giving her more turn, which in return will also give her more buff too.

For the team, you can pair Sushang with ATK buff + SPD buff like Asta or Bronya, which will advance her turn instantly, and with character that could also benefit the weakness break mechanic like Himeko who will do AoE attack when weakness break got triggered.

For the eidolon, we recommend you to aim for at least E1 for more spam able skill, and E6 for more SPD buff, which will give Sushang more turns in advance.

Visit the official HSR website here for more information about the game!