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Honkai Star Rail Hidden Shadow Light Cone

Hidden Shadow is a 3-Star Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail. It belongs to The Nihility path and can be used by Sampo, Pela, and Welt.

Hidden Shadow Light Cone

A drop of strength condensed from time itself. All the seemingly insignificant moments come together to form the magnificent choir of fate.

“The Nihility might find us, but there is a non-zero chance that they might not.”

Hidden Shadow
After using Skill, the wearer’s next Basic ATK deals 60/75/90/105/120% of ATK as additional DMG to the enemy target.

How to get Hidden Shadow?

The Hidden Shadow light cone can be obtained from the in-game gacha system.

  • Departure Warp
  • Stellar Warp
  • Character Event Warp
  • Light Cone Event Warp

Recommended Characters for Hidden Shadow

We don’t currently have a list of recommended characters for Hidden Shadow. Check back soon when we have more information about this light cone.

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Hidden Shadow Superimpose Levels

LvlSkill Effect
1After using Skill, the wearer’s next Basic ATK deals additional DMG equal to 120% of ATK to the target enemy.
5After using Skill, the wearer’s next Basic ATK deals additional DMG equal to 120% of ATK to the target enemy.

Hidden Shadow Ascension Upgrade Materials

Ascension 1 (Lvl 20-30)3,000 Credit, 4x Artificial Mechanical Component
Ascension 2 (Lvl 30-40)6,000 Credit, 8x Artificial Mechanical Component, 2x Obsidian of Dread
Ascension 3 (Lvl 40-50)12,000 Credit, 4x Mechanical Cylindrical Wheel, 2x Obsidian of Desolation
Ascension 4 (Lvl 50-60)30,000 Credit, 6x Mechanical Cylindrical Wheel, 4x Obsidian of Desolatio
Ascension 5 (Lvl60-70)60,000 Credit, 3x Mechanical Harmonized Heart, 3x Obsidian of Obsession
Ascension 6 (Lvl 70-80)120,000 Credit, 5x Mechanical Harmonized Heart, 6x Obsidian of Obsession

Hidden Shadow Stats

0-Star (0★)1/20141238
1-Star (1★)20/307260193
2-Star (2★)30/4011797312
3-Star (3★)40/50162135432
4-Star (4★)50/60206172551
5-Star (5★)60/70251209670
6-Star (6★)70/80295246789

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