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How Old Is Misty From Pokemon

How old is Misty from Pokemon? Let’s find out!

Misty and Brock became popular names in every household besides Ash when Pokémon aired initially. All three were aspiring Pokémon masters and became a favorite among children and young adults. Misty was working her way to being a Water Pokémon Master and is the Gym Leader of the Cerulean Gym. But, the viewers and gamers often think that they have not seen any of the characters celebrate their birthday. 

Misty from Pokémon is ten years old, and she’s been the same age for the last 20 years of the anime series. Yes, welcome to fiction. 

Read on to know more about Misty, the most lovable character of Pokemon.

How Old Is Misty From Pokemon

Misty in Pokémon

Misty is one of the most popular characters of Pokémon seen with Ash. Misty traveled with ask through the Orange Islands, Kanto, and Johto, obtaining her skills as a Water Pokémon Master. However, she did not go a long way and moved back to look after her family’s gym.

The viewers saw Misty again in the Pokémon Series: Ruby and Sapphire. She joined Ash and Brock in episodes from The Princess and the Togepi to A Togepi Mirage!

Misty also came into view in the Sun and Moon series along with Brock. They joined Ash and his class fellows at the Kanto airport.

Furthermore, they also mentioned her in the series Diamond and Pearl, but she did not appear in that series.

Misty’s Age

Surprisingly, Pokémon has not addressed Misty’s age in any English series or Anime dub. Instead, the creators mentioned their age in the third episode of one Japanese version of the Pokémon Anime. It confirmed that Misty was ten years old in Pokémon, the same age as Ash.

However, there is no explanation or talk of her age in later episodes or series. Many people wonder that it might be a slowed-time or eternal-youth theory that they do not mention directly.

Contrary to the series, Misty undergoes a transformation in Generation II and IV games where she looks older than her Generation I as the same look in anime.

How Old Is Misty From Pokemon

Misty’s Personal Life

While Misty looks like a challenging and optimistic young girl, her story is more than that. Her family expects her sisters are not seen in the series as they abandoned all their children, including Misty.

Misty also expressed her wish to be treated like a lady when Ash and Brock did not treat her differently. She said that she wants to be treated like a lady, which Ash and Brock do not understand.

Misty and Ash in Pokémon

If you have been following the Pokémon series, it’s no secret that Ash and Misty have an inseparable bond; but many people also think they are in love. They have occasional issues, yet they understand each other well and might be attracted to each other. Followers think Misty is aggressive and rude around Ash to cover her feelings.


Where Does Misty Go In The Pokémon Chronicles?

Misty is a fundamental character in Pokémon Chronicles and is seen in numerous episodes. She and Ash are friends like in the original series; they go to meet Max and May.

Is Misty older than Ash?

Pokemon showed Misty’s age to be ten years old, the same as Ash in Pokémon.

Do Brock and Misty age?

While there are no birthday celebrations or mention of them in the series, reports suggest that Brock is elder than Ash and Misty.

Who is Ash’s wife?

Ash in Pokémon does not have a wife, but Serena has a secret crush on Ash and wants to become his wife.


Misty is seen with Ash and Brock on their journey in Pokémon and is a favorite among gamers and viewers. She is a strong and optimistic girl aspiring to become a Water Pokémon Master, yet she does not have a cherishable family life. Her parents abandoned her and her sisters. Misty and Ash are believed to be quite close and understanding of each other. Misty is ten years old in Pokémon, the same age as Ash.

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