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Best Pyromancer Builds For Dark Souls 3

Pyromancer’s builds can range from being melee focused to long range. But what are the best Pyromancer builds for Dark Souls 3? Keep reading to find out.

Best Pyromancer Builds For Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is one of the most popular RPGs with tons of classes to play. Even though things keep changing in the game, the Pyromancer stays put. Essentially, it is a starting class known for its firepower and damage resistance. 

Having a strong Pyromancer build is easier said than done. You need to have an in-depth understanding of the game along with its mechanics and items, to get the best build. So the question stands exactly what is the best Pyromancer build for DS3? Hold on to your magic swords because we are about to slice your curiosity. 

Long Range Build

Best Pyromancer Builds For Dark Souls 3

The pure Pyromancer is one of the strongest builds around. It relies on fire spells more rather than close melee combat. This means you won’t be using your weapon as much. 

To increase damage stats, we suggest Great Swamp, which will increase spell damage by 12%. However, if you want to go a step further, then opt for Witch’s Rings since it will increase spell damage by 20%.

When it comes to spells, the best one to choose would be Great Chaos Fire Orb or Black Fire Orb. Great Chaos Fire Orb’s ability to deal AOE damage on close-range enemies makes it quite useful. Similarly, Black Fire Orb can be extremely powerful when fighting weaker enemies.

Since this build is focused on long-range attacks, armor isn’t the top priority, so you can go with anything. However, it is advised to have around level 40 Faith and intelligence of around level 38.

Heavy Melee Build

Best Pyromancer Builds For Dark Souls 3

Although Pyromancy’s spells can be devastating, some people prefer to play with melee weapons instead. A melee build incentivizes high damage and armor. If you love sword fighting, then this build is perfect for you.

To make it, let’s talk about spells first since these will add to the total damage dealt. There are a ton of options in this case such as Iron Fresh, Warmth, and Power Within. You can use Warmth if you don’t intend to focus on armor whereas Power Within will be good for increasing damage stats. 

Similarly, Iron Fresh is best suited for players going for a tank build. The downside is a decrease in mobility. 

When choosing weapons, we suggest you go with the Greatsword due to its high damage and weight, which will ultimately make your build tankier. 

Light Melee Build

Best Pyromancer Builds For Dark Souls 3

Pyromancy’s spell casts make him extremely appealing to opt. Due to this very reason, most players would rather make a build that incentivizes both casting and melee build. Not only does this make for an insane build, but it also adds a touch of unpredictability. 

When making this build, spells like Warmth, Carthus Flame Arc, and Chaos Bed Vestiges work great. 

Since you will be focusing on melee attacks as well, you need a powerful weapon to go along. We suggest you go for Claymore, Broadsword, or Falchion

To make the light melee build, it is suggested to have Level 30 for faith and intelligence. Additionally, for the weapons to deal high damage, Dexterity and Strength should be around level 20 as well. 


Dark Souls 3 has been around for a while now; there are infinite strategies that are waiting to be tried. In this regard, Pyromancy works great due to his potential to fight as a melee and caster. 

Although there are several builds for Pyromancy, the best ones incorporate a hybrid build. These allow you to plan cohesive strategies and ultimately experiment with the items. 

That brings us to the end of this guide for the best Pyromancer builds for Dark Souls 3. Thank you for reading, and good luck with your build!

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DARK SOULS™ III is available to play on PC via Steam.