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How to Beat the Moonshine Mob Boss Fight in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course

Learn how to beat the Moonshine Mob Boss Fight in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course!

Cuphead is not short on the variety of bosses you can face as you go from island to island. From Chess related pieces to wizards that turn into freezers, there are all sorts of enemies waiting for you. This guide will discuss one of the earliest bosses, the Moonshine Mob boss, and how you can trounce them. 

Who is the Moonshine Mob?

The Moonshine Mob is one of the first two bosses you’ll get the chance to face off against in the DLC. Under the main plaza, there’s a cave where an entire gang of bugs is waiting for you. You’ll be in an arena with three levels that you can jump around to avoid all the incoming attacks.

Like many other boss fights in the game, the Moonshine Mob consists of three phases. In each phase, you’ll be going up against all sorts of bugs, with one major bug leading the entire pack. In the first phase, there’ll be a spider, in the second phase, there will be a tap-dancing lady, and the final phase will feature an anteater! 

With that said, let’s explore each phase and how you can defeat the Moonshine Mob boss! 

First Phase of the Moonshine Mob Boss

How to Beat the Moonshine Mob Boss Fight in Cuphead

As mentioned earlier, the first phase of the Moonshine Mob Boss will feature a giant spider. It’ll move around unpredictably along the different horizontal levels. Of course, running into the spider will chip away at your health, and if you want to clear the fight, you need to shoot at the spider constantly. 

We recommend you use something that deals a lot of damage with just one shot, such as the Charge Shot. The spider moves around quite a lot, and you’ll rarely get a chance to land a shot, so you want that one shot to count, thus the Charge Shot. 

As for the moveset, you mainly need to worry about when the spider goes offscreen. As soon as it walks out of the screen, it’ll return from the same direction and walk for a bit before stopping. As it stops, it can perform two moves. Either it will bring out a telephone and call for backup or press a button on a remote. 

If it calls for backup, an ant with a gun will walk in and fire a single shot at you that you can dodge. But if it presses the button on a remote, explosive bags will fall from the ceiling. Getting too close will detonate them. But you can bait them into exploding to clear out the entire arena.

During this phase, flies can spawn from time to time that you must dodge till they fly off. Additionally, the spider can sometimes kick a caterpillar in your direction, which bounces around, trying to land a hit on you. It’ll eventually bounce off the screen if you can dodge it long enough. 

Second Phase of the Moonshine Mob Boss

How to Beat the Moonshine Mob Boss Fight in Cuphead

Once you complete the first phase of the fight, the spider will fall off the screen, and a tap-dancing lady alongside her musical box (a gramophone) will get lowered to the middle platform. 

The lady will remain on the middle platform, tap-dancing from one side to the other. If you get in her way, you’ll get damaged. So, your best option is to stick to one of the other platforms and shoot from afar. 

The gramophone will constantly emit two sets of 3 sound waves that rotate in opposite directions. Usually, they’re green, but if they change color, it means they can harm you, and you must avoid them by rotating around the arena in the same direction as the sound wave. Only the counterclockwise or the clockwise wave will be harmful at a time, so you only need to match your movements with one of the waves. 

Other enemies, such as a police ant with a baton, will run across the screen, and so will a TNT Barrel with legs. You can shoot them or get out of their path to dodge them. 

Third Phase of the Moonshine Mob Boss

How to Beat the Moonshine Mob Boss Fight in Cuphead

The third phase gets tricky as when the Anteater enters the arena, it destroys the middle part of the middle and top platform. So, you’ll have a lesser area to work with and need to dodge its giant nose as it pokes across the screen. 

The nose can poke from one end and stick its tongue out from the opposite end on any platform. You can dodge the tongue by either crouching or parrying. But your main objective is to land as many shots on the nose as possible. You can either jump directly above it as it sticks out to shoot down or jump below it and shoot up at it.  

The end of the third phase tricks a lot of players. A fake knockout screen will be followed by the snail boss revealing itself below the Anteater’s hat. It can be taken out with one shot, but if you’re not expecting it, you can take unnecessary damage. Therefore, be on the lookout for the fake knockout screen and keep your guard up. 

With that, you know everything about the Moonshine Mob boss. It is an excellent starting boss fight but can get chaotic with all the enemies surrounding you. But if you stay on the move between the platforms, you should be just fine!

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