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How to Farm & Get Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark

Guardian stone fragments are critical in Lost Arc. Here’s how to farm & get Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark.

How to Farm & Get Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has gained immense popularity and has become a fan favorite in a matter of months.

Unsurprisingly, it was the second most-played game only after twenty-four hours of its release. The game gained fame among players because of its unmatched weaponry and endless valuable items you unlock through quests and receive as rewards.

One such helpful resource is the Guardian Stone Fragments. Sometimes new players wonder if you can break the guardian stone crystals into guardian stone crystals. The answer is no.

Here’s how you can get Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark.

  • Dungeon Raids
  • Bloodstone Vendor
  • Perception Shards

Read on to learn more about other ways to obtain Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark.

How To Get Guardian Stone Fragments?

How to Farm & Get Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark

Guardian stone crystals can upgrade all your Lost Ark gear, except weapons. 

You can get them as rewards for main quests and Chaos Dungeons, but players also receive them as bonuses for logging in. 

It is suggested not to use them until Shushire as you need to level up the gear.

Like Guardian Stone Crystals, Guardian Stone Fragments can also help upgrade the gear. However, it is only compatible with low-level gear, and you will need Guardian Stone Crystals for high-level gear.

If you are looking for Guardian Stone Fragments, we would be happy to inform you that you get some Guardian Stones and Guardian Stone Fragments for logging in daily. Moreover, Guardian Stone Fragments are found in Guardian Raids or Chaos Dungeons. 

While you may not get a lot of fragments from the raids and dungeons, you will surely get a few every time. Yet, you might need to repeat the raid a few times due to locks depending on gear level.

Besides getting the fragments as rewards or finding them in dungeons, you can use your Guardian Stone Crystals to buy Guardian Stone Fragments.

How To Farm & Get Guardian Stone Fragments In Lost Ark

As Guardian Stone Fragments are widely used to upgrade your gear, it is critical to reimburse them. 

Here’s how you can farm and get Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark:

  • You may get Guardian Stone Fragments from the dungeons raids with each role character to farm more fragments that you can mail to your original player to increase your level. Higher dungeon levels lead to a higher number of stone fragments.
  • Get your stone fragments in Lost Arc from the Bloodstone Vendor in return for Bloodstones.
  • The Perception Shards dropped during the raids are immensely beneficial to farm and get Guardian Stone Fragments. You can exchange them at the Shard Exchange Vendor a few times weekly.
  • You can also find them on the islands on the Eastern side of the ocean if you are ready to wander around a bit.
  • Ghost ships are also believed to give away stone fragments, yet many players avoid the route and look for another way.
  • Besides getting them in exchange for various items or questing for them, you may also purchase them from Mari’s Secret Shop by exchanging them with crystals.
  • Lastly, if you are in dire need and do not have any of the options mentioned above, you may buy the Guardian Stone Fragments from another buyer in Lost Ark.

You can stack up to 9,999 Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark, and you cannot dismantle them.


Can guardian stones turn into fragments in the Lost Ark game?

Guardian stones cannot turn into fragments by breaking them. You may obtain them from dungeon raids, Mari’s Secret Shop, or in exchange for Bloodstones.

How do you get Guardian shards in Lost Ark?

Players can obtain guardian shards through Tier 2 Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark. Your character must be at level 50 to access Tier 2 Chaos Dungeons. Kill the enemies to receive the shards.

Where do I get the Guardian stone in Lost Ark?

You can find the Guardian stones in the South West of Riverwood and North West of Helgen.


If you are new to Lost Arc and want to upgrade your gear, you will need Guardian Stone Fragments. They are found in chaos dungeons, guardian raids, or on the Eastern side islands. You may exchange them with bloodstones and perception shards or buy the Guardian Stone Fragments from Mari’s Secret Shop and other players. 

Farm and get the stone fragments from any methods mentioned above and win fights with your upgraded gear.

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Lost Ark is available to download and play for free on Steam.