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How To Get World Tree Leaves In Lost Ark

Are you A Lost Ark player who likes collectibles? World Tree Leaves are a must-have for you. Here’s how to get world tree leaves in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is an excellent MMORPG that has a number of things for you to do, places for you to explore, and monsters for you to kill. With every new update comes new content so you can enjoy the game just the way you like. There is undoubtedly something for everyone in a game like Lost Ark. 

If you are the kind of player that likes collecting things, lost ark has something for you too. The World Tree Leaves in lost ark is a type of collectible. If you have enough of them, you trade them in with different items. But, you might be asking the question, How to get the world tree leaves in lost ark? Let us answer this question for you. 

You can get the world tree leaves in lost ark by doing trade skill activities in the game. There are a few different trade skill activities that you can do to get world tree leaves, and once you have enough of them, you can trade them for other rewards. 

How To Get World Tree Leaves In Lost Ark

How To Get World Tree Leaves In Lost Ark

You can get World Tree Leaves in Lost Ark by doing numerous trade skill activities. When you opt to do a trade skill activity, it’s not certain that you will get a World Tree Leaf. But, there is a good chance that you might get a few of them during the course of the activity. 

You can choose your preferred activity to do. The activities you can do to get the World Tree Leaves are as follows: 

  • Foraging
  • Logging
  • Mining
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Excavating

Each one of these skills offers you the chance of getting 120 Worlld Tree Leaves per skill. This means if you are lucky enough, you have the opportunity of getting 60 leaves in total if you choose to do all of these activities.

Rewards You Can Get After Trading World Tree Leaves: 

There are a number of times that you can get after trading World Tree Leaves. Each of the items you can get will require you to have a certain number of world leaves at your disposal. Let’s go over all the rewards you can get in exchange for World leaves and how many worlds leaves you would want to get said rewards. 

  • Adept All Trade Skill XP Potion (6 Leaves)
  • Faint Ore Charm (12 Leaves)
  • Adept Craft Kit (18 Leaves)
  • Masterpiece # 11 (24 Leaves)
  • Transformation: Rabbit (30 Leaves)
  • Faint Citrine (36 Leaves)
  • The title “Master of Trade Skills” (42 Leaves)
  • Silent Citrine (48 Leaves) 
  • Transformation: Gatherable (54 Leaves) 
  • Structure: World Tree Leaves (60 Leaves)
  • Transformation: Fish (66 Leaves)
  • Tranquil Citrine (72 Leaves)
How To Get World Tree Leaves In Lost Ark

All of these rewards are thoroughly useful in their own regard. Whether you are the collecting type or not, doing the skill activities to gather World tree leaves is an excellent thing to do, just for the sake of the rewards that it has to offer. 

To get these rewards, you will have to travel to the city and look for the merchant with the World Tree Leaves icon. From there, you can trade with the merchant and get the rewards that you desire. 

How To Get World Tree Leaves In Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an extremely rewarding experience for the players that want to put the time and effort into the game. Lost Ark grind is real, and sometimes you might get bogged down by the little pay-to-win elements that the game has, but if you can ignore it, you are going to have a ton of fun. 

That is everything we have on World Tree Leaves in Lost Ark and how you can get them. We hope this guide helped you in solving any of the problems you might have. 

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