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Lost Ark: What To Do With The Tournament Champions Plate

Tournament Champions Plate is obtained as a reward in Changhun. Follow this guide to learn what to do with the Tournament Champion Plate.

Lost Ark: What To Do With The Tournament Champions Plate

Lost Ark has a beautiful world, engaging gameplay, and compelling narrative, as well as a vast and vibrant world full of dangerous enemies to fight and quests to complete. It also has a seemingly infinite number of collectibles and items that you can obtain as you progress through various quests.

Lost Ark has so many items that players get confused about what to do with a certain item. There are also some items that have been cut or have changed their use cases for the NA and EU release, while these items were present in the original South Korean version in 2019.

One of these items is the Tournament Champions Plate. You will obtain this item by progressing in the main campaign as a reward from an NPC named Pahan for completing the “Prove My Worth” quest. The Tournament Champions Plate item description is “‘A Victory Crest given to the champion of the tournament. It looks quite valuable”

The most obvious use case for this item can be seen in its description as the Tournament Champions Plate sells 30,000 silver. In the current version of the game, there is no other use case for Tournament Champions Plate. We recommend you hold onto it as the developers might give it another use in future updates.

What To Do With Tournament Champions Plate in Lost Ark?

If you have earned the Tournament Champions Plate, you may be wondering whether you should sell it or keep it.

Obtaining Tournament Champions Plate

Lost Ark: What To Do With The Tournament Champions Plate

If you want to obtain a Tournament Champions Plate, you will have to progress through the main campaign. Travel to the Port City Changhun in the Anikka continent and take part in the fighting arena. Successfully complete all of your arena battles. Make sure you are fully prepared by stepping into the arena.

After completing the “Prove My Worth” quest, you will receive Tournament Champions Plate as a reward.

Should You keep or Sell The Tournament Champions Plate?

Lost Ark: What To Do With The Tournament Champions Plate

After receiving the Tournament Champions Plate, you will quickly realize that it has no apparent use case. In the Korea version, there was a weapon vendor in Port City Changhun that had weapons that you would need the Tournament Champions Plate for. As of right now, the NA and EU release version does not have this weapon merchant.

Lost Ark: What To Do With The Tournament Champions Plate

The sword players received in Korea in exchange for the Champions Plate. (Courtesy:guided)

You can also sell the Tournament Champions Plate to a vendor for 30,000 silver if you are in need of some money. Lost Ark marks the items that you should sell to vendors with a blue money bag at the bottom right of the item icon. These items are called “Vendor Trash”.

Tournament Champions Plate does not have this icon, meaning it is not intended for selling, or developers have forgotten to update the icon on the Campion Plate. Whatever the case, maybe you can either wait for the developers to add another use for this item in the game or sell it to a vendor for 30,000 silver.

If you have no need for silver, then you should keep the Tournament Champions Plate, so you don’t miss out on a nifty weapon when it is added into the game from the Korean version. It is more than likely the vendor will be added to the game at some point in the future. If you do not want it to fill up your inventory, you should store it in Storage which can be found in every major city.

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