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How To Get The Threaten Emote In Lost Ark

The threaten emote is a great way to let players know who the boss is. This guide teaches you how to get the threaten emote in Lost Ark.

How To Get The Threaten Emote In Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a medieval, over-the-top MMORPG; for the most part, it retains that serious persona. It offers a lot for traditional players that like to grind and bide their time in order to upgrade their characters and skills. Amidst all of that, you might think that Lost Ark is a game that takes itself seriously, but what is a multiplayer game without some emotes? 

Yes, you read it right. Lost Ark has emotes just like Fortnite, Warzone, or any other popular multiplayer game of this time. As nonserious as emotes might seem, you can still use the Threaten emote in Lost Ark to make sure your opponents know their place. Let’s find out how to get the threaten emote in lost ark. 

To get the threaten emote in Lost Ark, you need to head to Opher, the lonely island. There you can interact with an NPC and buy the emote to threaten other players. You can buy these emotes using the Island souls that you get after defeating bosses in-game. 

How To Get The Threaten Emote In Lost Ark

Getting the threaten emote in lost ark is not a difficult thing to do. You just have to collect enough island souls to buy the emote. Island souls are dropped randomly when you defeat bosses and enemies. Once you have ten island souls, you can purchase the emote of your liking. Which is the threaten emote in this case. 

How To Get The Threaten Emote In Lost Ark

Here is how you can get the emote:

  • Look for Opher, the lonely island on the map, and go there. 
  • After reaching the island, interact with an NPC known as Grandpa Opher. 
  • While interacting with grandpa opher, you can exchange your island souls for emotes. 
  • Exchange 10 island souls for the threaten emote.
How To Get The Threaten Emote In Lost Ark

After you have bought the Threaten emote in lost ark, you just have to activate it, which is also a very easy thing to do. Here are the steps you need to follow. 

  • Go to your inventory
  • Activate the threaten emote. 

That’s it. You now have activated the threaten emote in Lost Ark. It is now time to pull this bad boy on other players to let them know who is the better player. 

How To Use The Threaten Emote In Lost Ark

Using any emote in lost ark is a pretty straightforward process. You have a list of emotes that you can access to use the threaten emote. The other way to access these emotes is by typing /threaten in chat, and your character will perform the threaten emote. 

The Threaten emote is an excellent, light-hearted way of interacting with new and existing players. Apart from the threaten emote, there are several other emotes in the game that can be used and performed by your character.  

The same process of buying and using can also be used for all the other emotes present in the game, which makes it a very easy and simple process to repeat and perform every time. 

We hope this guide helped understand how to get the threaten emote in lost ark. Now that you have understood that, it’s time to go out there and threaten some friends or random players. Let them know who is sheriff around these parts. 

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