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How To Get The Legendary Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark

How to get the legendary Cerberus mount in Lost Ark? Cerberus is a legendary item that players can only obtain after purchasing a platinum founder’s pack for $99.99.

Lost Ark is a free-to-play online RPG (Role Playing Game) developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate. Lost Ark was digitally released on December 4, 2019. 

This guide will show you how you can get the Legendary Cerberus mount, a Legendary three-headed mythical dog in Lost Ark. Aside from its excellent aesthetics and abilities that will help you enjoy the game and complete challenging missions, unlocking it isn’t free; you have to spend real money to get this unique ride instead of grinding for it.

Here’s how you can obtain the legendary Cerebrus mount in Lost Ark:

  • Buy a Platinum Founder’s Pack
  • Claim and Preview Your Pack in Shop
  • Obtain Cerebrus Mount and Other Items

How To Get Cerebrus Mount In Lost Ark

To get Cerberus mount, you have to purchase the Platinum founder’s pack. One thing to note is that you can’t buy this pack using any in-game currency you can usually obtain by grinding through the game and completing quests. 

The digital pack costs you $99.99, quite a hefty price, you can say, for an equally rewarding mount.

Let’s shed some light on how you can unlock the mount:

  1. First, you have to buy the platinum founder’s pack.
  2. You will receive the chest open from the Lost Ark Shop after buying. You can access the shop by clicking on the right bottom bar or pressing F4.
  3. After opening the shop, click on the Product inventory option on the shop page to access your purchased pack.
  1. Here you can claim your Platinum Founder’s pack. You can also preview the chest item by hovering your mouse over it.
  1. After purchasing the pack, you have to go to your inventory. By pressing I, you will see your claimed pack items from them. Open the Platinum Founder’s Pack chest to receive the following items.

Here is the list of all seven mount options you can select your mount from:

  • Red Cerberus Mount X1
  • Blue Cerberus Mount X1
  • Black Cerberus Mount X1
  • Orange Cerberus Mount X1
  • Indigo Cerberus Mount X1
  • White Cerberus Mount X1
  • Gray Cerberus Mount X1

You have to choose one of the following mounts, however, note that you don’t get all the above-listed mounts. From this chest, claim one of the following mounts. That’s probably all you need to do to get your mythical ride.

The Platinum Founders pack not only contains a mount chest but also has other items as well:

  • Crystalline Aura (30 days) x1
  • Hero’s Ascent Upgrade Chest x1
  • Platinum Welcome Chest x1
  • Lawmaker Set x1
  • Platinum Complimentary Skin Set x1
  • Cerberus Mount Selection Chest x1
  • Cat Pet Selection Chest x1

Also, note that the items in the pack are not tradeable in the Lost Ark marketplace.

How Can You Ride Cerebrus Mount In Lost Ark?

After claiming your mythical beast, you can ride it. All you need to do is press Alt+V which opens the mounts menu. Afterward, Right Click on the Cerberus to mount it.

Lost Ark – Cerebrus Mount Abilities

This Cerberus mount has gained a lot of attention from those playing the game; not only has the appearance that can star-struck your hearts, but those fantastic abilities of the Cerberus mount, especially for the price, is not getting only a fancy ride, but it is much more than that.

The Double Jump

The first ability of this Cerberus mount is Double Jump.

All mounts in the lost ark have the skill of leaping forward and gaining additional movement speed by pressing the space bar, but with this Cerberus mount, you can get those attributes twice.

Sense the Dead

The Second ability is a cool one; this mount can sense the dead when they are near you using the unique channeling skills of the Cerberus mount.

Alternative Methods To Get Cerebrus Mount

There is no other way to get Cerberus mount. Maybe in the future, it might be available as a reward in event quests or a part of daily grind rewards for killing bosses and doing tasks.

Note that Lost Ark Developers have not made any official statement regarding this matter it’s just the speculation about Cerberus Mount availability post-launch in the future.


Now that you know how to get that legendary Cereberus Mount in the Lost Ark, you are ready to take on most game challenges and show off in front of your game buddies.

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