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Where To Find Boss Maneth In Lost Ark

Boss Maneth in Lost Ark is a world boss you will need to defeat to complete the Shushire page. Here’s where to find Boss Maneth In Lost Ark

Where To Find Boss Maneth In Lost Ark

Lost Ark gives the player almost an infinite number of options of how they want to enjoy the game. That is the kind of freedom that makes MMORPG fun and so addicting. Lost Ark is not any different. It offers exploration, combat, and a plethora of other activities to grind in and level up your character. 

The combat in Lost Ark is a relatively fun experience, and you’ll get to use a lot of that against several bosses that you will encounter in the world of lost ark. Maneth is one of the bosses that you will encounter. However, finding the boss can be tricky if you don’t know the exact location. Here’s where to find boss Maneth in Lost Ark.

You can find boss Maneth in Lost Ark while exploring the region of Shushire. The boss has a lot of health but is still pretty easy to take out if you are smart enough. Maneth also drops a ton of loot for you once you have taken him out. Let’s tell you the exact location of Maneth in Lost Ark. 

Who Is Maneth In Lost Ark

Maneth is a level 50 world boss in Lost Ark. He is basically a huge knight with a war mace. He has a total of 14,337,834 hit points and 23 health bars for you to take care of. That is why fighting him with a full squad might be the best idea. 

The caveat about Maneth being huge is that he is also a little slow. Which gives you ample time to dodge every attack he throws at you. With that said, it would still be much easier for you to take him down with a full team. 

Where is Maneth located in Lost Ark

Where To Find Boss Maneth In Lost Ark

You can find the Maneth boss in Lost Ark in the Shushire region. Once you have reached the Shushire region, the location the Maneth is a cakewalk. In Shushire, travel to the icewing heights, and you will find the Maneth boss under the eastern triport. 

Locating the Maneth boss in Lost Ark is relatively easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. Sometimes when you go to the location, you might not find the boss there. You can change the channel and visit other channels where the boss is present. 

The boss time for Maneth is about two hours. This means you’ll have to wait for two hours to fight the boss again if you have already fought him once during your playthrough. You just have to wait around for the time to go by, and the boss will appear again. 

What Do You Get After Defeating The Boss Maneth In Lost Ark

A pretty hefty reward awaits you if you manage to defeat the slow knight. Defeating the boss will also count towards completing the Shushire page. Here is the list of all the items you will get after you have taken down the Maneth boss in Lost Ark. 

Where To Find Boss Maneth In Lost Ark
  • Corrupted Knight’s Earrings
  • Corrupted Knight’s Necklace
  • Corrupted Knight’s Ring
  • Forgotten Sanctuary Bow
  • A chest for Defeating Maneth
  • Forgotten Sanctuary Chestpiece
  • Clotted Blood of Rakathus

These items might depend on the class that you have equipped for your character. You can also farm him to get more items or items of a different class that you might need. 

Lost Ark is full of challenging boss fights that you complete if you are looking to level up your character and grind through different areas. On top of that, world bosses are not the only challenges that you will find throughout your time playing lost ark. You’ll have to do plenty of more exploring and fighting before you are done with the game. 

We hope you were able to locate boss Maneth in lost ark after reading this guide. 

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