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Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Wiki Guide: Best Build & Team [Aether Gazer]

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Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi

  • Aether Gazer Tier List Rank: S
  • AI Rating: D
  • Role(s): Support Carry, Main Carry
  • Element: Physical (Lightning, Wind, Fire)
  • Resource: Divine Grace
  • Gen-zone: Shinou

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Profile

The white-haired stalker who looks a bit cynical and likes to play tricks on the younger generation, the most likely place to find her is the bustling festivals.

  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: 57kg
  • Birthday: February 21
  • Hobbies: Going to festivals and making fun of younger generations

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Build

If you know how to play her, she will be very strong. Because of skill issues, we recommend leveling her up after most other 5-star modifiers. (It’s not her design issue, it’s a skill issue).

Based on her 5-star modifier stats, she can be in a physical, wind, fire, or thunder team as a support carry, but do not set her on auto because she can drag the team down. If you want her to be the main carry, you will need her signature functor which increases her damage. The 2nd sigil sets are different from her normal sets.

Griffins’ Pride sigil slot 2 and 5 have a crit rate skill effect, and slot 6 is better than Philosopher’s Fantasies’ ultimate damage increase. Therefore, pick Philosopher’s Fantasies set for slots 1, 3, and 4; and Griffins’ Pride set for slots 2, 5, and 6.

Because of her flexibility in team compositions, her priority is usually behind other modifiers. She can be placed in any that is missing a modifier. Even though she deals mostly physical damage (even more if equipped with her signature functor), her team composition is defined by which skill she uses. That is the reason to use Immortal Ship and Philosopher’s Fantasies sigil sets with Yellow Aether codes.

[Genesis – Way of Ninja] reduces cooldowns, making her more controllable. [God of Reeds – Everlasting] provides very high crit damage. It requires a high crit rate to use this Aether code, which gives her a higher damage ceiling.

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Gameplay Tips

  • When Mudra is on cooldown, try to keep Mudra casting during normal attacks.
  • Cast Skill 3 when Mudra Skill 1 and 2 cooldown is about 5 seconds left.
  • Make sure Mudra skills stay under 3 seconds cooldown and cast Skill 3 to continue the loop.
  • Keep God of Reeds – Seal of Earth and God of Reeds – Seal of Heaven buffs active. (basically keep both of the buffs up all the time with the yellow route aether code.

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Best Aether Codes

  • Critical: 3 Yellow
  • Elemental: 3 Blue

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Best Team

Fire Team:

  • Airgetlam Nuadha
  • Ryugiri Kagutsuchi

Wind Team:

  • Living Soul Osiris
  • Gusty Lance Shu

Thunder Team:

  • Shinri Tsukuyom
  • Archaic Oath Verthandi

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Best Sigils

Universal S-SSS Rank

  • Position 1 – Witch’s Judgment
  • Position 2 – Witch’s Judgment
  • Position 3 – Witch’s Judgment
  • Position 4 – Griffin’s Pride
  • Position 5 – Griffin’s Pride
  • Position 6 – Griffin’s Pride

Omega Rank

  • Position 1 – Witch’s Judgment
  • Position 2 – Nibelungenlied
  • Position 3 – Witch’s Judgment
  • Position 4 – Nibelungenlied
  • Position 5 – Griffin’s Pride
  • Position 6 – Griffin’s Pride

Gosu’s Ninja Way Set

  • Position 1 – Gale Sovereign
  • Position 2 – Philosopher’s Fantasies
  • Position 3 – Gale Sovereign
  • Position 4 – Philosopher’s Fantasies
  • Position 5 – Gale Sovereign
  • Position 6 – Philosopher’s Fantasies

Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Skills

Basic – Chidori Strike

  • Use a shinobigatana to quickly slash enemies, dealing 240% (Max: 420.9%) Physical DMG.
  • Mudra: Formed with a combination of Holds <天> and <地>. Consume Mudra to cast the corresponding Ninjutsu.
  • In the case where Mudra already exists, forming a new Mudra will clear the existing Mudra.
  • Divine Grace: Gain Divine Grace when Basic attacks hit.
  • When the Divine Grace meter is full, casting Ninjutsu will consume all Divine Grace instead of the Mudra.

Skill 1 – Rain of Kunai

  • Throws a large amount of kunai, dealing 320% (Max: 640%) Physical DMG in a huge area.
  • With the use of Mudra, releases the Ultimate-Jin-ei (Iron Rain): Deals 840% (Max: 1680%) Physical DMG to nearby enemies and lowers the hit targets’ Physical RES by 30% for 10 seconds.

Skill 2 – Wondrous Thunder

  • Transforms into the Thunder of Prajna, dealing 357% (Max: 716.9%) AOE Lightning DMG to enemies ahead.
  • With the use of Mudra, releases the Ultimate-Jin-ei (Clap of Thunder): Deals 840% (Max: 1680%) Lightning DMG to nearby enemies and lowers the hit targets’ Lightning RES by 30% for 10 seconds.

Skill 3 – Razer Whirlwind

  • Charges toward enemies in front and forms a whirlwind, dealing 560% (Max: 1119.8%) Wind DMG.
  • With the use of Mudra, releases the Ultimate-Jin-ei (Sickle Wind): Deals 840% (Max: 1680%) Wind DMG to nearyby enemies and lowers hit targets’ Wind RES by 30% for 10 seconds.

Skill 4 – Tectonic Blast

  • Detonates enemies, dealing 175% (Max: 351%) Fire DMG and leaves an array that blasts the target 8 times, dealing 88% (Max: 176%) Fire DMG per blast. If the target dies, the blastings stop.
  • With the use of Mudra, releases the Ultimate-Jin-ei (Earthly Flames): Deals 840% (Max: 1680%) Fire DMG to nearby enemies and lowers hit targets’ Fire RES by 30% for 10 seconds.

Dodge Skill – Vanish

  • Dodge effect: Enters Zero Time for 3 seconds.
  • When anyone on the team triggers Zero Time, recover a certain amount of Ultimate charge.

Ultimate Skillchain – Moon Cherry Drop

Characters: A Tsukuyomi & S Kotachi

  • Deals 1000% + (25.64% x Kotachi’s Ultimate Skill level) Physical DMG and 360% + (9.23% x Tsukuyomi’s Ultimate Skill level) Shadow DMG.
  • All team members recover 30 Divine Grace.
  • Inflicts Trauma on the target for 10 seconds, dealing 80% of A Tsukuyomi’s ATK every 3 seconds.
  • Lowers the hit target’s Fire, Wind, Lightning, and Physical RES by 30% for 12 seconds.

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Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi Aether Codes (Skill Tree)

God of Reeds

  • Seal of Heaven: For every <天> Mudra in possession, increases Crit DMG by 50%. Immediately lose this effect when Mudra are lost.
  • Seal of Earth: For every <地> Mudra in possession, increases ATK by 25%. Immediately lose this effect when Mudra are lost.
  • Everlasting: After losing Mudra, the effects of Aether Codes Seal of Heaven and Seal of Earth last for an additional 3 seconds and have their effects increased by 100%.


  • Final Verdict: After the successful formation of Mudra, gain 20 Divine Grace.
  • Ninja Master: Casting a Ninjutsu that is different from the previously used Ninjutsu decreases the CD of <天> and <地> Holds by 2 seconds.
  • Way of Ninja: When the first Hold of the current Ninjutsu is different from the second Hold of the previous Ninjutsu, increase the DMG of the current Ninjutsu by 50%.

Four Elements

  • The Four: Based on the elemental DMG of teammates, increases self 25% DMG of the corresponding elements. The same two elements cannot be stacked.
  • Inner Confusion: Applies the corresponding status effect to enemies based on the Ninjutsu cast:
    「Rain of Kunai」(S1): Inflicts Armor Break: Decreases DEF by 10% for 7 seconds.
    「Wondrous Thunder」(S2): Inflicts Stun: Cannot move or attack for 3 seconds.
    「Razer Whirlwind」(S3): Inflicts Weaken: Decreases ATK by 30% for 7 seconds.
    「Tectonic Blast」(S4): Inflicts Burn: Every 3 seconds, deal 30% of ATK as DMG for 13 seconds.
  • Epiphany: When attacking enemies with crowd control resistance, increase self Crit Rate by 60%.

Aether Gazer was developed by Yostar Games and is available to play for free on the Google Play Store.