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Living Soul Osiris Wiki Guide: Best Build & Team [Aether Gazer]

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Living Soul Osiris

  • Tier List Rank: S
  • AI Tier List Rank: A
  • Role: Main Carry
  • Element: Wind
  • Resource: Trace
  • Gen-zone: Nile

Living Soul Osiris Profile

She has exactly the same appearance as Osiris, but the dominant inner personality is the crazy “Pluto”, possessing great power, and disdains to cooperate with other correctors.

  • Height: 143cm
  • Weight: 39kg
  • Birthday: November 9
  • Likes: Beautiful clothing, hand-woven

Living Soul Osiris Build

Living Soul Osiris is a DoT character that performs well in high-difficulty content.

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Living Soul Osiris Best Aether Codes

  • DPS Code Path: 3 Yellow
  • Skill Issue Code Path: 3 Red

Living Soul Osiris Best Team

  • Living Soul Osiris
  • The Innocence Osiris
  • Early Sakura Ookuninushi

Living Soul Osiris Best Sigils

Farmable w/ Key S-SSS Rank

  • 1 – Gale Sovereign
  • 2 – God’s Cupbearer
  • 3 – Gale Sovereign
  • 4 – God’s Cupbearer
  • 5 – Gale Sovereign
  • 6 – God’s Cupbearer

Omega Rank w/ A Shu

  • 1 – Gale Sovereign
  • 2 – God’s Cupbearer
  • 3 – Gale Sovereign
  • 4 – God’s Cupbearer
  • 5 – Golden Fleece
  • 6 – Golden Fleece

Farmable w/o Key S-SSS Rank

  • 1 – Gale Sovereign
  • 2 – Moon Drifter
  • 3 – Gale Sovereign
  • 4 – Moon Drifter
  • 5 – Golden Fleece
  • 6 – Moon Drifter

Omega Rank w/o A Shu

  • 1 – Gale Sovereign
  • 2 – God’s Cupbearer
  • 3 – Gale Sovereign
  • 4 – God’s Cupbearer
  • 5 – Griffin’s Pride
  • 6 – Griffin’s Pride

Living Soul Osiris Skills

Basic – Scythe Slash

  • Summons a scythe to swing at the enemy dealing 196% (Max: 344%) Wind DMG.
  • While in Underworld Judgement, changes Basic attack to: Summons flying swords to continuously slash at the target, dealing 340% (Max: 595%) Wind DMG.
  • Trace: Gain 1 Trace on the third and fifth sequence Basic attack; While in Underworld Judgement, instead gain 1 Trace on the fourth sequence Basic attack.

Skill 1 – Darkwing Scythe 12s CD

  • Throws a scythe toward the target dealing 287% (Max: 576.9%) Wind DMG.
    While in Underworld Judgement, change this Skill to: Launch flying swords dealing 480% (Max: 959.9%) Wind DMG.
  • While this Skill is in CD, consume 2 Trace to cast it again, but this cast will not generate Trace, and can only be done once per CD.
  • Trace: Gain 2 Trace if this attack hits an enemy.

Skill 2 – Spin of Death 8s CD 1 Trace

  • Launch the scythe toward nearby enemies with each hit dealing 81.7% (Max: 163.3%) Wind DMG, up to 6 hits.
  • While in Underworld Judgement, change this Skill to: Summons flying swords around self, attacking nearby enemies, with each hit dealing 30% (Max: 60%) Wind DMG, up to 26 hits, and lasting 6 seconds.

Skill 3 – Soul Death 12s CD 2 Trace

  • Swings the scythe in an uppercut motion, dealing 660% (Max: 1320%) Wind DMG.
  • While in Underworld Judgement, change this Skill to: Gathers enemies in front dealing 1000% (Max: 2000%) Wind DMG.

Dodge Skill – Bad Omens

  • Dodge effect: Enter Zero Time and inflict Weaken on the attacker, lowering their ATK by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • While not in Underworld Judgement, Dodge DMGs enemies dealing 128% Wind DMG.

Ultimate – Underworld Judgement 25s CD

  • Briefly releases the bindings on her soul and enters the Underworld Judgement state.
  • Increase the team’s DMG dealt by 10.2% (Max: 18%).
  • Recovers HP to full and changes the attacks of all Skills.
  • While in Underworld Judgement, gain Super Armor but cannot recover any Ultimate charge. Consumes 7% HP per second.
  • When HP reaches 0, exit Underworld Judgement and revert to the original state.
  • When Underworld Judgement ends, obtain Ultimate charge equal to Ultimate charge possessed by the combo ult partner. If starting battle without Ultimate Skillchain partner, instead be able to gain Ultimate charge while in Underworld Judgement.
  • When entering battle, self and Ultimate Skillchain partner obtains 35% Ultimate charge.
  • When an enemy is inflicted with Weaken, obtain a set amount of Ultimate charge.

Ultimate Skillchain – Scythe Cyclone

Characters: S Osiris & A Shu

  • Deals 1000% + (25.64% x Osiris’s Ultimate Skill level) Wind DMG and 500% + (12.82% x Shu’s Ultimate Skill level) Wind DMG. Modifying Level becomes Ω on hit, and increases the entire team’s DMG by 10% + (0.2% x Osiris’s Ultimate Skill level) until Osiris’ Underworld Judgement ends.

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Living Soul Osiris Aether Codes (Skill Tree)

Back to Life

  • Sah: S3 lowers enemies’ Wind RES by 10% for 8 seconds; while in Underworld Judgement, lower by 20% instead.
  • Sacred Cist: S1 will inflict Weaken on enemies, lowering their ATK by 10% for 8 seconds; while in Underworld Judgement, lower by 20% instead.
  • Mummification: S2 will stack a DMG taken debuff on the enemy with every hit, only triggering every 0.3 seconds, and stacking 3% each time. Recasting S2 will reset this effect; while in Underworld Judgement, it becomes 6% per stack instead. (This debuff only affects S2’s DMG.)

Supreme Judgment

  • Ritual Ode: Increases the Max HP in Underworld Judgement based on the number of times Underworld Judgement has been cast, increasing 9% per cast (Max: 5 stacks).
  • Vinaya: The lower the HP, the higher S1’s DMG is (Max: 150%).
  • Edict: While in Underworld Judgement, absorb and convert 100% of non-lethal DMG taken into HP, but increase HP consumption to 10% HP per second. Effect ends when the total amount of DMG absorbed exceeds current Max HP.

Abundant Feather

  • Hieratic: When enemies inflicted with Weaken are defeated, recover 9% of ATK as HP, triggering at most once every 1 second.
  • Hieroglyph: Gain 3 DMG reduction stacks upon entering the field, each stack reducing DMG taken by 15%. Getting hit removes 1 stack. Recover 1 stack every 20 seconds (Max: 3 stacks).
  • Resurgence: Upon taking lethal DMG while not in Underworld Judgement, negate the DMG and gain 5 seconds of Invulnerability, fully recover Ultimate charge and reset its CD. Can only trigger once per battle.

Aether Gazer was developed by Yostar Games and is available to play for free on the Google Play Store.