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Shinku Buzenbo Tengu Wiki Guide: Best Build & Team [Aether Gazer]

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Shinku Buzenbo Tengu

Shinku Buzenbo Tengu Profile

  • Aether Gazer Tier List Rank: A
  • Role: Main Carry
  • Element: Physical
  • Resource: Trace
  • Gen-zone: Shinou

Buzenbo, who received orthodox kendo training since he was a child, learned not only the swordsmanship of defeating the enemy, but also the kendo spirit of protecting the weak, abiding by etiquette, and respecting teachers from kendo.

  • Height: 166cm
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Birthday: June 12
  • Likes: Kendo, martial arts novels

Shinku Buzenbo Tengu Build

Her skill design is very good; unfortunately, being an A-rank modifier limits her stats. In CBT3, they nerfed the Cupbearer of the Gods set bonus and indirectly nerf her, making her more reliant on her signature functor. After obtaining her signature functor, she will have the best damage among A-rank modifiers, but it’s not worth acquiring the signature for an A-rank modifier unless you’re a whale.

Tip: The first Skill 3 and anything after is separate. This means she can replenish her Traces and use the second Skill 3 again to finish her combo, maximizing her damage output.

Note: Traces greatly affect her performance. In “Causality Survey” and “Dimensional Variable” modes, she can become very powerful.

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Shinku Buzenbo Tengu Best Aether Codes

  • Moonfuse Scarlet Blade – Kendo

Shinku Buzenbo Tengu Best Team

Shinou Team:

Traces Team:

Shinku Buzenbo Tengu Best Sigils

Double Traces Set

Cupbearer of the Gods
Any Position

Mythic Warriors
Positions: 1,3,5

Witch’s Judgment

Crit Set

Cupbearer of the Gods
Positions: 1,2,4

Griffins’ Pride
Positions: 3,5,6

Golden Fleece

Moon Drifter

Shinku Buzenbo Tengu Skills

Basic – Scarlet: Skandha Slash

  • Unleashes continuous sword attacks to slash enemies, dealing 124% (Max: 219.4%) Physical DMG.
  • Trace: Obtain 1 Trace when the last attack in the sequence connects; only 1 Trace obtained this way can exist at any time.

Skill 1 – Scarlet: Tassel White 9s CD

  • Executes a 3-hit combo on the target dealing 110% (Max: 220%) Physical DMG.
  • Trace: Obtain 1 Trace.

Skill 2 – Scarlet: Cloud Water 9s CD

  • Launches a cross-shaped sword wave at the target, dealing 180% (Max: 359.9%) Physical DMG.
  • Trace: Obtain 1 Trace.

Skill 3 – Scarlet: Scattered Flowers 1 Trace

  • Performs an Iai slash, unleashing a sword array at the target. Within 3 seconds of casting, consume 1 Trace to recast this Skill, enhancing its DMG and AoE (Max: 3 levels of enhancement). Trace obtained from Basic attack will be consumed first.
  • 1st cast: 40% (Max: 79.9%) Physical DMG.
  • 2nd cast: 80% (Max: 159.8%) Physical DMG.
  • 3rd cast: 120% (Max: 240%) Physical DMG.

Dodge Skill – Scarlet: Hazy Shadow

  • Dodge effect: Enter Zero Time for 3 seconds and recover a certain amount of Ultimate charge.

Ultimate – Scarlet: Thousand Peck 20s CD

  • Performs Judgement Cut End in the target direction, dealing 359% (Max: 724%) AoE Physical DMG. Enters Zero Time for 3 seconds.
  • When anyone on the team Crits, recover a certain amount of Ultimate charge.

Ultimate Skillchain – Thousand Burials

Characters: A Buzenbo & S Tsukuyomi

  • Deal 6360% + (9.23% x A Buzenbo’s Ultimate Skill level) Physical DMG, 1000% + (25.64% x S Tsukuyomi’s Ultimate Skill level) Lightning DMG; Enters Zero Time on hit to slow all enemies’ actions greatly, lasts 5s, and increases the team’s Lightning DMG by 30%, lasts 10s.

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Shinku Buzenbo Tengu Aether Codes (Skill Tree)


  • Enduring: After obtaining the max amount of Trace, increase self Skill Crit Rate and Crit DMG by 10%, lasts 5s.
  • Utsusemi: When self Skills crit, there is a 25% chance to obtain a Trace, can only trigger every 1s.
  • Blinding: After obtaining a Trace from the above Utsusemi Aether Code, increase ATK by 25%, lasts 9s.

Feather of Nue

  • Crystal Soul: Skill 1 will inflict “Trauma” status to enemies hit, dealing 20% ATK as DMG every 3s, lasts 10s.
  • Nightseeing: When the 2nd cast of Skill 3 hits enemies affected by “Trauma” status, they will spread Trauma to enemies in a 5m radius.
  • Owl God: The DMG of the 3rd cast of Skill 3 will increase by 100% towards enemies affected by “Trauma” status. When Skill 3 defeats enemies affected by Trauma, all Skill CDs will decrease by 1s.

Moonfuse Scarlet Blade

  • Tao no Kata: After triggering Dodge effect, increase Skill 3’s DMG by 40%, lasts 9s.
  • Hasso: Basic attack sequence will not be interrupted by Dodge. Dodge meter regenerates 50% faster.
  • Kendo: When casting Skill 3 consecutively, increase DMG each cast by 100%.

Aether Gazer was developed by Yostar Games and is available to play for free on the Google Play Store.