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How to Build Mansions in Minecraft

A mansion can be a great visual piece in any town, but building it, and especially creating the rooms, can be quite tricky. This guide isn’t a step-by-step guide on how to build a mansion, as every mansion is different in both style, size and overall looks, but we hope this guide will inspire you and help you create your own mansion.


As you can see in the image below, the entrance has a wide, double spiral staircase, which always works well in mansions. They’re quite stereotypical, but they’re a great way to both create an imposing entrance and use up a large space of the mansion, as filling up everything with original rooms can be quite tricky.

minecraft mansion image minecraft mansion image

Party Room

This room is based on a mansion in the Hitman game, Hitman 2: Silent assassin, so some people might recognize parts of the room, although I didn’t try to create an exact copy. These rooms are a great way to make impressive rooms with huge paintings, chandeliers or other pieces of art the rich owner can show off.
Unfortunately, this is one of the rooms that suffered the most when I couldn’t find the original texture pack I designed this in, though the basic idea works well enough.

minecraft mansion image minecraft mansion image


Lounges are nice, cosy rooms, often with fireplaces though not necessarily. I usually build at least 2 of these rooms, as that’s what real mansions often have as well. They’re also a perfect way to use space in a mansion, as even after the entrance, party room and 2 entrances, I’ve barely covered half of the bottom floor.

minecraft mansion image

Library and Office

Every mansion needs a library and office for the owner. They’re very easy to create, though they’re a perfect use of space. You could even use paintings to create secret entrances or chests in the office.

minecraft mansion image minecraft mansion image

Other Rooms

Other rooms include a (large) kitchen, with an outside vegetable garden, several bedrooms, of which a few are master bedrooms, a pool, showers and bathrooms, storage rooms, meeting and dining room.

minecraft mansion image minecraft mansion image minecraft mansion image

The Mansion