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How To Create Minecraft Mini Games

There are various mini games you can play in minecraft, some are easy to create while others require quite some effort. We’ve written a lot of guides on many different mini games, some of which have several different versions explained in them.

We’ve also build several maps and other game arenas for most bigger mini games, which you can download as a world save and as a schematic. You can click on each mini game title below to take you to their individual guides with more detailed information.

Archery Competition

Compete with your friends or with the whole server and find out who’s a true Robin Hood and bow master of your server.

Arena Battles

Destroy your enemies or fight of waves of mobs, either on your own or as a group. The possibilities are endless in any game of battle between friends, factions or servers.

Boat Races

Who’s the fastest and best sailor on your server? Find out by creating a long track with wild water rapids, water elevators, traps and other obstacles and make people race each other.

Capture the Flag

This popular mini game is all about defeating the enemy team and taking their flag. Whether you use a plugin or not, capture the flag is always great fun, especially with a group of friends and a great map.

Castle Wars

Fire the cannons and destroy the enemy castle! Castle wars is all about the total destruction of your opponents and their castle.

Connect Four

Play this classic game with a friend (or enemy) and find out who’s the best.

Conquer the Sheep

Conquer the sheep is a fun mini game in which 2 teams battle each other to get the most wool in the color of their team. You simply use dyes to colour the sheep and then either shear or kill them for their wool.

Duck Hunter

This classic NES game is a great mini game which is incredibly easy to set up. You can play on your own or challenge your friends and find out who’s the best hunter around.


Golf can be a great game to play with friends, you simply shoot arrows or mobs into a hole. However, if you use mobs you may need a plugin to increase your shooting range.
You can also play miniature golf, mentioned more down in the list below.

King of the Hill

Defeat the defending team and take their castle! This game can be amazing fun if you have a great team and some good tactics.

Leap of Faith

Jump off of great heights and try to land into a tiny pond. You could spice things up by adding extra obstacles or by making a course people have to follow.
Challenge your friends and jump at the same time, there’s only room for a few survivors.

Mario Cart Boat Racing

Challenge your friends to an exciting game of Mario cart style boat races. Get a random weapon drop and use them to destroy your opponents or use the TNT to blow their boats to tiny pieces.

Miniature Golf

Challenge your friends to a fun game of miniature golf. Just slide the snow or slime balls on the ice and try to aim for the right holes.
Can you defeat the windmill course?

Mob Bowling

Line up some creepers and try to shoot off as many off of the fence posts they’re sitting on.
This mini game is very easy to set up and can be a great mini game for any city or carnival on your server.

Mob Fishing

Who can fish up the most mobs or who has the best aim can fish up the most chickens? Mob fishing is all about pulling up as many mobs as possible with a fishing rod.
You can also spice things up by fishing up skeletons, they will fire back.

Pacman / Maze Escape

Can you knock of all the torches before the other players (ghosts) capture you? Pacman is a fun and exciting mini game, especially if you hide the player names.
Maze escape is similar, but more violent. Who can defeat the minotaur in a game of maze escape?

Picture It!

Map out a massive area of seemingly random squares to uncover a larger image on your map. Be the first to guess what it is and you’ll be the winner!
Make it more challenging by releasing monsters, fighting your opponents and setting traps.

Pig Racing

Hop on a pig and punch it in the right direction. Who is riding the faster pig and who’s more skilled at punching them in the right direction? Find out who’s the best pig racer on your server in a fun game of pig racing.

Pirate Battles

Hoist the sails and fire the cannons! This mini game is all about destroying the enemy’s ship before your own is blown to tiny little pixels.
This mini game can be amazingly fun, especially if both teams are quite good at it.

Rainbow Runner

Try to dodge the incoming waves of rainbow colored wool for as long as possible. Fail and it’s game over as your head melts in a small pool of lava.

Roller Coasters

Roller coasters can be quite fun even though they take quite some time to build. They can be ridden by single players or together with a lot of friends. Roller coasters are great attractions on any server.

Space Invaders

Build, design and play your own version of the classic game Space Invaders in Minecraft!


One of the most popular mini games and played by many people every day. Spleef is a fun game in which you try to destroy the floor under your opponents and make them fall into lava.
There are a lot of different versions of spleef, most of which we have covered in this guide.


Sports in minecraft can be great fun, ranging from basketball style to rugby style games, team play is always an important factor.
Find out who the champion team on your server is or challenge friends on a different server to find out who’s better.


Perhaps not one of the most exciting mini games, but wrestling is easy to set up and can be a fun way to prove who’s the strongest without using swords.
You could spice things up by adding lava at the edges of the rings, only 1 will survive.


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Saturday 25th of September 2021

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