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Minecraft Ocelots

The ocelot or jungle cat, is a passive mob unique to the jungle biomes. These shy cats roam the jungles and can be hard to tame. Their speed and the thick jungle foliage make it hard to chase them while they slip through gaps and hide behind bushes or trees.

When killed, ocelots only drop experience orbs, which give you a total of 1-3 experience points. However, ocelots will attack and kill chickens, so killing them could be worthwhile if your chickens are near a jungle farm.

Sheep are most likely the only mob you don’t want to kill, as they could be worth more to you alive.

Occurence and Behavior

Ocelots spawn on their own, though it’s not uncommon to find 2 or 3 ocelots near each other. They don’t spawn on peaceful difficulty, making them inaccessible to players who want a pet but don’t want to deal with hostile mobs.

Ocelots only spawn in jungle biomes, though they may sometimes walk along the edges of surrounding biomes. Any contact with a wolf will cause the ocelot to run away, even though wolves won’t harm or chase them.

Like chickens, ocelots do not take any fall damage, no matter from which height they fall.

When farming sheep for their wool, be warry of wolves as they will kill any sheep they can find. So keep your field of sheep away from any biome that can spawn a wolf, you wouldn’t be the first to return to your farm only to find out a wolf spawned inside your sheep stables, killing every single one of them.


Due to their shy nature, ocelots can be hard to tame. The key to taming them is to stand still while holding raw fish, without making any quick and sudden movements with your mouse to look around. Once the ocelot has approached you, feed it some raw fish until it changes into a cat.

Once tamed, cats will follow you around, however, unlike dogs, cats will not fight for you. They can be made to sit, though they’ll often look for a place to sit on their own.

Cats will try to sit on beds, active furnaces, and chests, which can be incredibly frustrating. A chest cannot be opened when a cat sits on it and getting the cat of can be quite a hassle. Luring them away with raw fish is often the most effective way to get them away, though sometimes you simply have to remove the block or kill the cat. Pushing cats of with pistons also works, though placing a piston and a button or lever may not always be possible.

You can make a cat sit by right-clicking it, it will not move until you right-click it again, no matter how far you go. However, cats will become wild again after about 2 days of no interaction. They will remain their looks, but they’ll try to run from you in the same way ocelots do. To avoid this, make them follow you or feed them a fish once in a while

They won’t follow you into the Nether or the End, instead, they’ll wait for you outside the portal or wherever you made them sit.

Creeper Defence

Creepers will stay clear from ocelots and cats, making them the perfect defense. Simply taming a couple of cats and making them sit in or around your house will make your home creeper-proof. Creepers will still chase the player though, so be careful. You don’t want to be surprised by a creeper who manages to come close to you while your cat has to turn around or teleport to get to you.

Note that the creeper’s chase distance is longer than the distance from which a creeper will run away from cats and ocelots. This means they’ll keep running back and forth if you’re standing next to a cat.


Like most other passive mobs, cats can be bred. Though instead of wheat, you have to feed them raw fish. The kitten will be the color of either one of the parents. Baby ocelots can also be found in jungle biomes, but it’s impossible to breed ocelots.

Unlike most other mobs, kittens have a normal sized head which is in proportion with its body.