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Minecraft Wood

Dec value: Oak: 17 Pine: 17:1 Birch: 17:2 Jungle: 17:3
Hex value: 11
Minimum tool requirement to break: None
Blast resistance: 10
Maximum stack: 64
Transparency: No

Wood, or logs, can be found as 4 different types, birch, oak, pine and jungle wood. Each are different in colour and will produce different coloured wooden planks. Wood can be found in every biome, with the exception of desert biomes, but are significantly harder to find in tundra and plains biomes.

Jungle wood can, of course, only be found in jungle biomes. Pine can be found in abundance in forest and taiga biomes. Birch trees can be found in forests, mountains and plains biomes, but they’re often harder to find than the other trees.

Oak trees are found in every biome, though swamps and forests have the largest amount of oaks, followed by jungle biomes. Oak logs can also be found in some villages, where it’s used as a building material.

Even though swamp trees are made out of the same blocks as oak trees, they’re sometimes called willows by players because of the vines growing from their leaves and the different colour it has, due to the swamp lighting.

Properties of Wood

Wood is flammable and can pose a serious fire hazard in large quantities. It’s close to impossible to contain a spreading fire once it reaches about 6-9 blocks, without being able to dumb a bucket of water on top of it. Each tree also has its own type of leaves, which can make identifying them from a distance a little easier.

Wood as a Fuel

Besides being used to craft wooden planks, wood can also be used as a fuel in furnaces, but this is very inefficient as 1 wooden plank lasts just as long (15 seconds). So 1 piece of wood could be turned into 4 planks, which will last 4 times as long. Wood can also be turned into charcoal, which lasts almost 5 times as long (80 seconds), by burning the wood in a furnace.

Crafting Recipes