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How to Get Aged Wood in New World

Aged Wood is an extremely important crafting material in New World.

It’s something that you’ll need a lot of during your crafting journey as it’s used for a large variety of things at different tier levels.

The somewhat confusing thing about Aged Wood is that you’ll get a quest to gather it very early on, and that’s at a point where most players won’t have the Logging level required to obtain it. This might change once the game is fully released.

How to Get Aged Wood in New World

The main way to obtain Aged Wood in New World is by chopping down Mature Trees found across the map. These are the second tier of trees, with the first being Young Trees.

Mature Trees are fairly easy to spot as they either have a large trunk or they look like they’re dying. The appearance of trees will generally change depending on the biome though, so keep that in mind.

Also, not all trees are born equal so bigger trees will yield more wood and EXP.


Mature Trees require Logging level 50 to chop down. You’ll need to grind out Young Trees first to reach this level. This isn’t hard and can be done in one evening. However, it’s a bit tedious due to the gathering cast-time.

You’ll also need a Logging Axe. There are different tiers of them, and they can have different affixes, e.g. faster gathering speed, more wood yield etc.

Tips on Getting to Level 50 Logging

Find Young Trees that have 4 trunks in 1. These will give more EXP and wood. They’ll also make leveling up faster in general as they’re essentially multiple trees in one spot.