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My Restaurant Princess Update Changelog

Here’s the complete My Restaurant Princess update changelog for the latest version of the game!

My Restaurant Princess Update Changelog

Hear ye, hear ye! The My Restaurant Princess update is here! Prepare to be dazzled with a brand new Princess Customer, regal furniture pieces, and a host of tweaks and improvements. Join us in a culinary adventure fit for royalty!

New Princess Customer and Princess Quest

Simply splendid! A graceful Princess customer has arrived…

Her Majesty needs your help. Visit Princess Castle to receive your quest and claim glory!

Look out for this new customer in your restaurant!

New Princess Restaurant Theme

Embark on a fabulous culinary adventure with the new Princess-themed restaurant!

Feel regal in the new Princess Themed restaurant, sure to make her highness feel right at home.

New Princess Chair

Introducing the majestic Princess Chair!

Check out the new Princess Chair now in the shop!  

This new item will attract the Princess Customer to your restaurant!

New Princess Table

Every meal should be a fairy tale! 

Make your dining experience enchanting with the new Princess Table!

This new item will attract the Princess Customer to your restaurant!

New Princess Crown

Get ready to rule with grace with the Princess Crown

The crowning jewel of any fancy collection, you will be the talk of the kingdom.

Increase the chances that a Princess customer will visit your restaurant by displaying the Princess Crown!

New Heart Tiles

Big or small, you’ll love them all!

Add a touch of love to your restaurant with the new heart tiles!

Check out the new Big and Small Heart Tiles in the shop now!

An All-New Map

Something looks different…

Welcome to the all new My Restaurant Map!

A clean design and an all new Event Space in the center of the map for loads of fun and exploring!

New Optimization Tools

Explore our all new settings for Animations and Customers Rendered.

Allowing players to customize their game experience whether they’re playing for leisure or for restaurant glory!

Misc Changes

  • General bug fixes
  • All new achievement UI system
  • Expanded global leaderboard
  • Level up progression tweaks
  • Added teleport home button