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Pet Simulator X Trading Update Changelog

A brand new update has arrived in Pet Simulator X! Here’s the full changelog for it.

New Trading Plaza

The Trading Plaza has undergone a major refresh!

The new and improved plaza is more compact and stylish than ever before.

View all 40 total booths easily from the center. This is a booth increase of almost double!

Machines and rewards are also close within reach for convenience.

Pet Simulator X Trading Update Changelog

Auctions Board

Presenting the new Auction Board, which is located in the Trading Plaza!

Bid on and sell pets to other players with real-time pet auctions.

Pet auctions begin with a starting price and a 60 second countdown.

If a bid is placed with 15 seconds left, the timer is set back to 15 seconds.

Only HUGE and TITANIC pets may be listed on auctions.

Pro Trading Plaza

Attention all pro players! We’ve opened a new Pro Trading Plaza server!

If you have 10 or more HUGE pets, you may enter this plaza.

This is to encourage higher levels of trading between pros!

New Trading Booths

Trying to catch a trader’s attention in the new plaza?

Grab one of the new exclusive booths, available now!

Plus, a new FREE booth for joining the BIG Games Pet group! The Mascot Booth!

Diamond Party

It’s time to party with diamonds!

During the Diamond Party, tons of diamonds rain down from the sky.

Be quick because anyone can collect the diamonds on the entire server.

The diamond party may be activated at the fountain on the Trading Plaza.

Diamond Hoverboard

Coated in sparkling diamonds, the new Diamond Hoverboard has arrived!

This hoverboard is given to all players who reach 10 trillion diamonds on their player.

Not only is it sparkling with diamonds, It’s pretty quick too!

Diamond Pack Exclusive

Welcome to the newest exclusive pet! The Diamond Cat!

This exclusive is given through every purchase of the best diamond pack. An extra perk!

There is a chance to get the HUGE Diamond Cat! It is very rare, though!


Trading Plaza Player Cap Increased

Player count on all trading servers has been increased!

The cap is now 50 players, an increase from 30!

Added Drag to Banking

Now dragging to select pets works when depositing and withdrawing pets from the bank!

This should make it much easier and faster to use the bank!

Also while on the topic, we made some other slight bank changes:

  • Changed bank tier Robux pricing to match the Diamond packs
  • Fixed the bank tier 8 achievement to reward if you already unlocked it previously

Buffed Scavenger Egg

When claiming the Scavenger Egg, you’ll now be rewarded with around ~15 lootbags!

These rewards drop as additions to the egg itself. Good luck hunting!

Added Mount Setting

Tired of accidently mounting your Titanic while farming?

The new Mount Setting allows you to disable Titanic mounting. Enjoy!

Daycare Fixes

Pets have been having a blast in daycare so far!

We’ve addressed some issues to make the daycare experience that much better:

  • Buffed chances of Huge Meebo in a Spaceship and the Huge Machine Egg
  • Added a subtitle that shows available and total daycare slots
  • Added a message with details after buying the slots upgrade
  • Fixed a typo when trying to put a locked pet in daycare
  • Fixed how pets weren’t visibly unlocking on the machine
  • Fixed how rainbow pets weren’t visibly showing as rainbow

Index Fixes

Last update, some unobtainable event pets were added to the index on accident.

These extra pets have now been removed from the index. Sorry about that!

Trading Anti-Spam

Tired of being spammed by trades?

We’ve made it so you can’t spam trades to the same player if the trade was rejected.

Hopefully this makes it less annoying to have toggled fully on!

Chat Spam Reduced

The Epic and Legendary hatch messages have been removed from chat.

There were too many and it ruined the chatting experience!

Merch Redeeming

Some more improvements to make merch redeeming awesome!

  • Clarified messages if an error or issue occurs
  • Reduced the cooldown when entering the wrong merch code
  • Fixed how error messages would sometimes result in multiple errors

Removed Valentine’s Event

We hope you had a lovely Valentine’s event!

Valentine’s world, egg, and currency are no longer available.

Maybe you’ll be our Valentine again next year?

Have fun bidding! Hope you win your next dream pet! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team

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Pet Simulator X is available to play for free on PC, Consoles, and Mobile via