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Pet Simulator X Quests Update Changelog

The newest Pet Simulator X Quests Update is here! Here’s the update log for all of the new content being added to the game.

Quest Shop

The Quest Shop is a brand-new feature. It enables players to complete quests and earn Quest Points. This currency can then be used to purchase items from the Quest Shop.

The signs that offer quests are in every world in Pet Simulator X.

Quest Shop Rewards

There are various rewards available to purchase with Quest Points, and more will likely be added at a later date. Here’s all of the ones we know so far:

Quest Egg 1

Quest Egg 1 can be purchased for 400 Quest Points.

The egg will contain two pets:

We would presume that over time the egg will be updated with new pets in “Quest Egg 2” etc.

M-10 Hoverboard

The M-10 Hoverboard can be purchased for 5,000 Quest Points. It’s 2x Speed.

M-10 Trading Booth

The M-10 Trading Booth changes the style of the player’s trading booth to match the M-10 pets. It costs 1,000 Quest Points to purchase.

Boost Pack

The boost pack can be bought for 800 Quest Points and contains four different boosts:

  • (x35) Ultra Lucky!
  • (x65) Triple Coins!
  • (x85) Super Lucky!
  • (x65) Triple Damage!

+1 Pet Slot

This will unlock an extra slot for equipped pets. It costs 7,500 Quest Points to purchase.

Pet Storage

This will unlock more +800 storage for pets. It costs 800 Quest Points to purchase.

Diamond Rewards

Diamonds can be bought for Quest Points as well:

  • Large
  • 5,000,000,000 diamonds
  • 5,000 quest points
  • Medium
  • 1,200,000,000 diamonds.
  • $2,000
  • Tiny
  • 250,000,000 diamonds.
  • 500 quest points

New Masteries

Two new masteries are being added to the game.

Daycare Mastery

Two new masteries are being added to the game.

  • Lvl 1 (99 Max) 0/300
  • Lvl 15 – Daycare earns 10% more coins!
  • Lvl 35 – Daycare earns 25% more boosters!
  • Lvl 50 – Daycare earns 35% more coins!
  • Lvl 75 – Daycare earns 50% more diamonds!
  • Lvl 99 – Daycare has better luck to get a Huge Pet!

Diamond Mine Mastery

  • Lvl 1 (99 Max) 0/300
  • Lvl 15 – +25% Diamond Mine drops!
  • Lvl 35 – +50% Diamond Mine pet damage!
  • Lvl 50 – +50% Diamond Mine drops!
  • Lvl 75 – +200% Diamond Mine pet damage!
  • Lvl 99 – +100% Diamond Mine drops!

New Huge-A-Tron Machine Egg & Pets

The Huge-A-Tron Machine is getting a new egg: Huge Egg Machine Egg 2

There are four different pets contained in the egg:

Fruits Boosts are back

The fruit boost system is now back in Pet Simulator X! Check out our Pet Simulator X Fruits guide for full information.

Pet Simulator X Fruit Boosts Guide - What are fruits?

Misc Changes

Buffed Diamond Mine

The Diamond Mine has been super charged with many buffs!
– Buffed Paradise Cave diamonds by 2x
– Buffed Cyber Cavern diamonds by 3.5x
– Buffed Mystic Mine diamonds by 7x
– Buffed Diamond Bag Master from 2% to 4%

With these, a few changes were needed:
– Moved AFK chests into their own area
– Increased spawn time by around 4x
– Increased chest respawn from 5 min to 10 min
– Nerfed loot bags a bit to counter for the new increased rates

And, of course, bug fixes:
– Fixed Diamond Bag Luck as it wasn’t working sometimes
– Fixed how diamond bags were spawning in a group of 3 or not at all

Improved Trade Security

Watch out scammers! We’ve added new security measures to trading.

Now a player’s display name & player icon shows on the trade title!

Nerfed Hardcore Requirement

We’ve made the hardcore requirement easier!

Now you only need 350 Mastery points to unlock Hardcore Mode.

HD Titanic Textures

The in-game titanic textures are now more high quality!

Tech Entrance Cannon

A cannon has been added at the end of the Fantasy portals to go to the Tech Entrance.

Before the Tech Entrance was a bit confusing to new players as you have to go back to the Spawn world.

Other Fixes

  • Lowered the Legendary/Mythical open SFX
  • Made auction bar change between green, yellow, and red as it counts down

And that was our Pet Simulator X Quest update guide! We’ll update this page with more information when we discover it.

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