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Pet Simulator X Quests – Complete List

Quests have been added to Pet Simulator X! Here’s a complete list of all known quests added to the game.

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Pet Simulator X Quests

Pet Simulator X Quests

The full list of quests (X = random number):

  • X pets from the Mysterious Merchant!
  • X pets from the Traveling Merchant!
  • X pets from Trading Booths!
  • Create X Fused Legendary Pets!
  • Enchant X pets with Royalty!
  • Enroll X Pets in Daycare
  • Equip +X pet at a time!
  • Break X Chests in Heaven Island!
  • Break X Chests in Town!
  • Break X Chests in Winter!
  • Break X Coins in Candy Island!
  • Break X Coins in Town!
  • Break X Crates
  • Break X Crates in Winter!
  • Break X Diamonds in Desert!
  • Break X Diamonds in the Diamond Mine!
  • Break X Grand Heaven Chests in Heaven’s Gate!
  • Break X Magma Chests in Volcano!
  • Break X Presents
  • Break X Presents in Forest!
  • Break X Presents in Glacier!
  • Break X Safes
  • Break X Safes in Beach!
  • Break X Vaults
  • Break X Vaults in Enchanted Forest!
  • Break X Vaults in Mine!
  • Hatch X Pets from Hell Eggs!
  • Hatch X Mythicals from Heaven’s Gate Eggs!
  • Hatch X Pets from Ancient Eggs!
  • Hatch X Pets from Forest Eggs Eggs!
  • Hatch X Pets from Mine Eggs Eggs!
  • Hatch X Pets from Spiked Eggs!
  • Hatch X Pets from Starter Eggs Eggs!
  • Hatch X Shiny
  • Hatch X Shiny Pegasus Pets!
  • Hatch X Shiny Pets from Spiked Eggs!
  • Hatch X Shiny Samurai Dragon Pets!
  • Use the Daycare X times!
  • Use the Enchant Machine X times on pets with glittering!
  • Use the Gold Machine X times!
  • Use the Rainbow Machine X times!

And that was our Pet Simulator X quests guide! We’ll update this page with more quests when they’re added. Good luck completing your quests, and enjoy the free rewards!

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Pet Simulator X is available to play for free on PC, Consoles, and Mobile via

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