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Pet Simulator X St. Patricks Day Quests [COMPLETE FAST]

A brand new update has arrived in Pet Simulator X, and if the Roblox servers haven’t crashed yet, you might want to check it out!

There is a new world for the St. Patrick’s Day Event. Anyone can access the first part, but two doors are unlocked and require quests to be completed.

Quest 1: Break 150 Clover Coins

Note: There are no progress updates for these quests, so make sure to check back at the door regularly to see how many are left.

The first quest is to find and break the little green coin piles on the ground. These spawn in all zones.

The fastest way to break 150 Clover Coins for the quest is to spawn into a fresh server and run through every zone in the Spawn World. After that, run through every zone in the Tech World. Leave the server and repeat. You don’t have to leave the server; they can still spawn while you’re there. However, leaving the server can be faster overall.

This is much easier with a private VIP server, as there are no other players to steal the spawns, and when you leave the server and come back, it should reset them.

Quest 2: Break 50 Pots of Gold

The second quest is the same deal as the first, except now you need to find and break 50 Pots of Gold which can be found in all main worlds of the game.

The fastest way to break 50 Pots of Gold is to use the same tactic as quest 1, run through every zone in the Spawn World and Tech World. Leave the server (if you want) and repeat.

And that was our guide to completing the St. Patrick’s Day event quest in Pet Simulator X. Have you got some pets to trade and want to know what they’re worth? Head over to our Pet Simulator X value list page to avoid being scammed!

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