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Pet Simulator X Summer Event Update Log

It’s another Saturday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s Pet Simulator X update day. Here’s the Pet Simulator X Summer Event Update log.

Pet Simulator X Summer Event Update Log

Pet Simulator X Summer Event Update Log

This event will add many new pets to collect and lots of other cool rewards.

Summer Quests

Completing quests during the summer event will unlock many new rewards.

Summer 2023 Event World

A new world for the Summer Event has been added.

Summer Pets

Many new summer-themed pets are available to collect.

Treasure Hunt Event

A Sandcastle mini-event has been added. You’ll need to dig up treasure chests to find the 50x huge chance egg!

Summer Hoverboard

A new summer-themed hoverboard can be obtained from the summer event.

Summer Stand

A new summer-themed player stand can be obtained as well.

Huge Gamer Shiba Value

Secret Area, Disco Egg & Huge Gamer Shiba

A new *secret* area has been added behind a locked door. Can you find a way to open it? The area inside contains a Disco Egg that has a chance to hatch a new Huge Gamer Shiba pet.

And that was our guide to the Pet Simulator X Update today! We’ll update this guide with more information about the update if necessary.

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Pet Simulator X is available to play for free on PC, Consoles, and Mobile via