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Pet Simulator X Update Today: Summer Update Part 3 [July 8, 2023]

It’s another Saturday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s Pet Simulator X update day. Here’s the leaked update log for it.

Pet Simulator X Update Today: Summer Update Part 2 Log

Pet Simulator X Update: Summer Update Part 3

These pets will be added on July 8, 2023.

New pets

These pets will be added on July 8, 2023.

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World Expansion

The summer world has reached peak temperature! The final world expansion is HOT!

Get ready to unlock 3 new areas: Sandcastle, Mystical Oasis, and Sunny Skies

Teleport into the expanded world with the sandcastle in the Town area.

F2P Titanic Cat

A new hatchable Titanic Cat has arrived!

Found in the final area’s Sunny Egg, the hatch chance is super rare.

This is the first free-to-play Titanic in 6 months – since Christmas!

May the odds be ever in your favor! Good luck hatching!

Sandy Pets

Grab your shovels, it’s time to hatch 7 new pets in the Summer World!

Including the new HUGE pet: Huge Sun Angelus

Plus, the limited time TITANIC pet: Titanic Cat

These pets can be hatched in the new Sandy Eggs.

Don’t sweat! There are more pets included in this update.

Sandy Eggs

Find 3 new eggs with their golden variants in the summer world!

Sand Bucket Eggs, Palm Tree Eggs, and Sunny Eggs

The Sunny Egg has the chance of hatching the Huge & Titanic.

Sandy Chest

Ready to grind? Head into Sunny Skies to break the Giant Sandy Chest!

Use your new sandy pets to break it for lots of the Popsicle Coins!

Claw Machine Event

The CLAAAAAW! The latest event has arrived in the Town!

Step in line for your turn, insert a Claw Token, and try your luck!

The Claw Machine has rewards such as Diamonds, Arcade Pets, and Arcade Eggs.

Beware! This is a limited time event for update part 3!

Arcade Pets

Attention gamers! 4 new arcade pets have been programmed in!

Arcade Cat, Arcade Dog, and Arcade Dragon

Including the new HUGE arcade pet: Huge Arcade Cat

Arcade Eggs

The CLAAAAAW Machine has 5 Arcade Eggs in it.

Depending on the egg, there is a greater chance to hatch a HUGE Arcade Cat.

The chance multipliers are 1x, 5x, 10x, 20x, and 50x. Good luck!

Claw Token Currency

Claw Tokens are required to play the new Claw Machine Event!

Earn Claw Tokens by completing quests in the Summer Event, Rank rewards, VIP rewards, and Free Gifts.

There are plenty to earn, but they are also available in the Exclusive Shop.

Sandcastle Huge

ANOTHA ONE! The Sandcastle Huge is found in the Sandcastle Egg.

Wow, would you check this sandy boi out!

Sandcastle Egg

The egg of your dreams: tradable, hatchable, and contains a huge.

The Sandcastle Egg may be earned in the Summer Event!

What more could you ask for?!

New Event Rewards

The summer event has been refreshed!

There are 50 new rewards to earn for a total of 200.

With this, the event stars and quests have been reset.

Collect all of the rewards by completing summer quests.

Sandcastle Egg, Sailor Egg, Pirate Egg, Surfboard Hoverboard, Summer Booth, and more.

These rewards will only be available during the summer part 3 event!

Season 2 Merch Huges

A handful of new huges have been added in preparation of the Season 2 merchandise!

Keep your eyes peeled for the release of this merch in Walmart and Target stores near you soon.


– Added more summer event quests and variants

– Added a setting to turn off the event notifications

– Changed scavenger gifts to give 1 gift after 5 minutes of being online and the other 2 to be in scavenger hunt which is now 15 minutes long

– Fixed the issue with rainbow, gold, and dark matter machine repeat buttons not working sometimes

– Fixed the Twitter verification system, you may now redeem your bonus

– Fixed mailbox to not allow sending over max cap gems (and can now claim old mail if over it was previously over max)

And that was our guide to the Pet Simulator X Update today! We’ll update this guide with more information about the update if necessary.

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Pet Simulator X is available to play for free on PC, Consoles, and Mobile via