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The Quarry: Death Rewind Guide

Here’s our The Quarry: Death Rewind guide. Learn about the Death Rewind mechanic and how to unlock it in the game.

The Quarry is an interactive horror game with various possibilities of how the plot can turn out. The game follows a typical horror plot with 9 protagonists that were hoping to have a fun time, but things end up going south for them. But what separates it from the other interactive games is the possibility of each and every one of your favorite characters facing permanent death. Or at least, that’s the case if you don’t use the Death Rewind system.

Unlike the previous games, this time around, Supermassive Games has added a system that can let you undo the death of any character of your choice. This is ideal for those that are fond of specific characters or are trying to get through the game without any deaths. But the system is not as straightforward as it may seem due to the complex plot branching of the game. Therefore, let’s explore the Death Rewind system in detail and understand how we can make the most of it.

What is Death Rewind?

The Quarry has an auto-save feature that essentially locks you into the key decisions that you have made, such as dialogue or entering certain areas. There is no manual saving, and your autosave gets overwritten each time. Meaning that there is absolutely no way for you to go back to change anything without completely restarting the game.

So, what that means is that whenever you perform some sort of action that might lead to your death, your fate is locked, and eventually, your character will face their demise. And once they do, you can’t go back.

But with Death Rewind, you can turn back to that exact point in time where you had made that decision/performed that action that led to the character’s death. Doing so will give you a second chance to fix your mistake. However, it’s worth noting that you can still end up going through the same course of action that led to the character’s death in the first place, so you have to be cautious.

How to Unlock Death Rewind?

The Quarry: Death Rewind Guide

There are two ways of unlocking the Death Rewind system in The Quarry. You can either purchase the Deluxe Edition, which will automatically grant you the feature right at the start.

But if that’s not possible, then you’ll have to play through the entire game at least once before unlocking the feature. On the play-through after the first, you’ll have the Death Rewind option.

How to use the Death Rewind

The Quarry: Death Rewind Guide

Once you’ve unlocked the Death Rewind, you will need to enable it before it can be used. To enable the feature, head over to the Accessibility section of the Options menu. Over there, you’ll find the option to enable it.

Now, whenever a character dies, the Death Rewind will kick in and give you the option to save the character’s life. You will be given two choices, “use a life” or “cancel.” It is worth noting that you can only use the feature three times in one play-through, so either be sparing with it or try not to die too often.

But once you use the Death Rewind, you will be taken all the way back to the choice that led to the character’s death. If it was a QTE, you’ll be taken to that point and must successfully perform it to proceed.

However, as we mentioned earlier, the game has a branching plot system that makes the Death Rewind slightly more complicated. The thing is that some characters have decisions all the way from Chapter 1 that could lead to their deaths in Chapters 5-6 or even later. If that’s the case, then using rewind will take you back all the way to that point, and you will have to play through the entire game again.

It certainly is not an ideal system, but as each decision depends on the other, it was the only way that the developers could figure out a way of adding a life system.

And that was our The Quarry: Death Rewind guide. Hopefully, you now have a little more knowledge about the Death Rewind system in The Quarry. For all those completionists, it could be a lifesaver, but if you have to go many chapters behind just to prevent death, you should really consider if you want to use the rewind or not.

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The Quarry is available to play on Steam.