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Thundertusk Kali Wiki Guide: Best Build & Team [Aether Gazer]

Thundertusk Kali

Thundertusk Kali Profile

  • Tier List Rank: A
  • AI Tier List Rank: B
  • Element: Melee / Thunder
  • Resource: Energy
  • Gen-zone: Asterism

After being taken in by the organization, Kali, a member of Milouyan, gradually took care of other children who were also taken in, and her character was tempered and matured, and she often boldly regarded herself as her elder sister.

  • Height: 155cm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Birthday: Jun 23
  • Hobbies: Caregiver

Thundertusk Kali Build

The 2nd modifier in the game is designed with a fighter style, quick combos and delivering higher DMG output. This modifier does not depend on her Signature Functor and puts the player’s control abilities to the test.

Aether Codes choices: Left 3 Aether Codes reduces skill cooldowns. While charging up skill 3, players can successfully dodge attacks to increase their ATK by 70%. In all Aether Codes builds, Left 3 Aether Codes has outstanding DMG output, but suffers from a lack of Energy.

Right 3 Aether Codes improves tolerance for errors and crit rate. This Aether Code build does not experience Energy deficiencies and can opt for the “All Cases” build, Witch’s Judgement set with Night Owl’s Raid set. Mid 3 Aether Codes focus on enhancing Skill 2.

Players who enjoy battering can try out Mid 3 Aether Codes. After acquiring her Signature Functor or for players confident in control timings, the Last Mid Aether Code becomes unnecessary and can be replaced with the 1st Left or 1st Right Aether Code.

Signature Functor can enhance combos and improve tolerance for errors. Players who frequently use Thundertusk Kali may consider pulling one Signature Functor for her.

Combo: A4132A4 or A4231A4 (A4 represents 4 Normal ATKs). If you have Signature Functor, you can forgo Skill 1 and the 4 Normal ATKs. Instead, prioritize successfully dodge attacks, then use Skill 2, 3, 2 to deal damage.

She lacks other compatible modifiers and can only serve as the Main Carry.

Check out our Aether Gazer tier list to see how she compares to other characters.

Thundertusk Kali Best Aether Codes

  • Signature, Pro at Dodging: Mid 2 Red, Right 1 Yellow
  • Easier To Use: Right 3 Yellow Aether Codes

Thundertusk Kali Best Sigils

All Cases

  • 1 – Witch’s Judgment
  • 2 – Witch’s Judgment
  • 3 – Witch’s Judgment
  • 4 – Night Owl’s Raid
  • 5 – Night Owl’s Raid
  • 6 – Night Owl’s Raid

Right 3 Aether Codes

  • 1 – Swallow of Eternity
  • 2 – Swallow of Eternity
  • 3 – Swallow of Eternity
  • 4 – Night Owl’s Raid
  • 5 – Night Owl’s Raid
  • 6 – Night Owl’s Raid

Thundertusk Kali Best Team

Thunder Team

  • Shinri Tsukuyomi
  • Archaic Oath Verthandi
  • Thunderhunt Kali

Ultimate Skillchain Team

  • Thunderhunt Kali
  • Waverender Skadi
  • Any Modifier

Asterism Gen-zone Team

  • Thunderhunt Kali
  • Rahu Asura
  • Airgetlam Nuadha

Aether Gazer was developed by Yostar Games and is available to play for free on the Google Play Store.