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How To Get Seagrass In Minecraft

Learn how to get Seagrass in Minecraft.

When you think of useful plants in Minecraft, the obvious answer ends up being trees. And why not, trees give you wood and that’s usually what starts your journey in the game.

But you’ve moved past that now, you have a more sophisticated life. You want a fish tank in your base. And yet, you don’t know how to get Seagrass, the only water-based decorative plant in the game.

How To Get Seagrass In Minecraft

Seagrass is an underwater plant that can only be found growing on underwater ocean floors. It is mainly used as a decoration and can also be used to put turtles into love mode and make them lay eggs. 

What is Seagrass in Minecraft?

Seagrass is a grass-type block that looks like a few stalks of leaves waving around in the water. It comes in two variations of the same block with one being one block tall and the other being two blocks tall. 

Both variations are the exact same and can be found at the bottom of an ocean biome except the frozen ocean. 

How To Get Seagrass In Minecraft

Seagrass is often confused with seaweed given that they are both underwater plants. But, seaweed starts at the ocean floor and can grow to the height of the surface, while seagrass in Minecraft can’t grow more than 2 blocks.

Where Is Seagrass Found In Minecraft?

Seagrass is found on ocean floors in almost every ocean biome. Alternatively, they can spawn in any open underwater areas that have at least two blocks of water above the floor. 

Seagrass is the ocean’s substitute for grass blocks in plain biomes and for snow layers in ice-based biomes. In the same way that these blocks function, placing a block on seagrass will destroy it without actually dropping the seagrass.

How Can I Get Seagrass In Minecraft?

Seagrass can be acquired by interacting with the block using a pair of shears in the same way that leaves or wool can be acquired using shears. When a player right-clicks on seagrass with shears equipped, the seagrass breaks and is dropped as an item. 

The dropped seagrass can then be picked up by the player and it will be added to their inventory. 

A small seagrass, that is only one block tall, will drop 1 seagrass item. On the other hand, a seagrass that is two blocks tall will drop 2 seagrass items. It is impossible for seagrass to drop a 2 block tall seagrass when harvested. 

Can I Grow Seagrass In Minecraft?

Seagrass can be grown by using bonemeal on any non-transparent block that has at least two blocks of water above it, with the condition being that both these blocks have to be source blocks. 

How To Get Seagrass In Minecraft

In the same way, bonemeal can be used on shorter seagrass to turn it into longer seagrass if the seagrass block has space above it. Like in the aquarium above.

What Is Seagrass Used For?

Seagrass has two primary uses in Minecraft. The first is that it can be used as a decoration in underwater areas and in player-built aquariums. 

How To Get Seagrass In Minecraft

Secondarily, seagrass can also be used to breed turtles and farm scutes for when baby turtles grow into adult turtles. Seagrass can also be fed to baby turtles to accelerate their growth. 


Seagrass serves its purpose as an underwater decoration amazingly well and can be used to breed and lead turtles wherever you want. It can only be acquired using shears at the bottom of the ocean or grown using bone meal on underwater blocks. 

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