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What is Pet Simulator 99? Everything we know about PS99

A brand new Pet Simulator game is coming soon! What is Pet Simulator 99, aka Pet Sim 99? Here’s all the information we have for it.

What is Pet Simulator 99?

What is Pet Simulator 99?

Pet Simulator 99 is the name of the new Pet Simulator game by BIG Games. The name was officially unveiled on November 16, 2023. However, it has been known as ‘happy pet game’ in the past.

The short answer is it’s a much-improved version of Pet Simulator X with many old features of PSX combined to be more streamlined and fun.

When will Pet Simulator 99 be released?

The release date for Pet Simulator 99 is December 1, 2023.

Pet Simulator 99 Features

  • New areas to unlock and progress through
  • All PSX Exclusive, Huge, and Titanic pets will transfer over
  • Rebirth system
  • Shop with pet eggs to purchase
  • No RAP (unconfirmed)
  • Player ranks with rewards
  • Index with pets, hoverboards, enchants, and booths
  • Equip more pets with diamonds
  • Pet levels
  • Improved inventory with many new items to use
  • Quests
  • Fishing
  • Mining areas
  • Spinny wheel with rewards
  • Trading plaza with trading terminal and player booths
  • Comet showers
  • Voting booth
  • Enchant slots
  • Craftable and upgradable potions
  • Obbys – Areas to complete, including parkour, with a timer
  • Water-themed areas with swimming
  • Flags that can be placed on the ground to boost pets

Transferring pets from PSX to PS99 FAQ

What can I transfer?

Do I lose my pets in Pet Simulator X?

  • Nope!

What happens if I transfer?

  • Pets are marked in PSX as “transferred”

Can I transfer eggs?

Unlike pets, eggs will move permanently.

Transfer limit?

  • There is a weekly limit per category.

How long do I have?

  • This will be disabled after 6 months.

Which pets/eggs can transfer?

  • Pets tied to merch and exclusive shop.

Do serials transfer?

  • Yes!

Do enchants transfer?

  • No. It’s a new system.

Do signatures transfer?

  • Yes!

Do nicknames transfer?

  • Unfortunately no.

Can I bring eggs back to PSX?

  • No. Egg transfers are permanent.

Is there a total transfer limit?

  • No, but Pet Box can only hold 250 at a time.

Can I still trade pets?

  • Yes! In both games.

Is this available on release?

  • Yes! You can begin transfers now.

Pet Simulator 99 Reveal Trailer

The reveal trailer for Pet Sim 99 will premiere on November 19, 2023!

And that’s everything we know about Pet Simulator 99 so far. Once more information is known, we’ll add it to the page. Stay tuned! In the meantime, get the latest pet prices with our Pet Sim X value list.


Monday 20th of November 2023

What happens if I sell my pets after I transfer them?