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All Elephant Pokemon From Every Generation

Pokemon has been around for twenty-five years. Its diverse characters ranging from plants to the animal kingdom attract a great deal of attention from all around the world.

In this guide, we have brought you all elephant pokemon having tusks, sturdy bodies, and flat hooves. So let’s dive right into it; happy reading!

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Phanpy – Evolves Into Donphan

It is a Generation II, ground tye African elephant classified as Long Nose Pokémon. Its abilities include Pickup and Sand Veil. Phanpy has playful and affectionate nature and despite its low stats it can be a great companion in sandstorms and can take multiple hits. It has powerful moves like Earthquake, Iron Tail, Rock Slide, and Stealth Rock. It made Major appearances in Ash’s Phanpy

All Elephant Pokemon

Donphan – Evolves From Phan

It is a  Generation II, Ground-type African Elephant. Its trunk protects its face and helps it to roll into a ball. Not the most powerful elephant but can cause great damage with tusks. However, it is a bit slow to attack. It made Major appearances in Ash’s Donphan.

Its abilities include being sturdy which can knock the opponent out and a sand veil that immunes from sandstorms.

A few of the best moves are earthquake, ancient power, body slam, and Double-edged.

All Elephant Pokemon

Mamoswine – Evolved Form Of Piloswine 

It is a generation IV, Ice/Ground type, Wooly Mammoth elephant. it is a total monster resembling a wild boar having abilities like thick fat so that it receives less damage from Ice and Fire-type moves,  Oblivious to taunt and intimidation, and Snow Cloak that increases evasion while it’s hailing.

Before generation VIII it used ice shards as a physical Ice attack. Due to its adamant nature, it works well in combat. Some of the best moves of Mamoswine include Earthquake, Stone Edge, Stomping Tantrum, Ice Fang, and Icicle Crash. It made Major appearances in Dawn’s Mamoswine

All Elephant Pokemon


It is a Generation VIII, steel-type Indian elephant seen from the fact that it has small ears compared to the body. Its abilities include sheer force causing powerful attacks, and heavy metal that doubles the pokemon weight. it can withstand attacks from  Fire-types. Cufant’s Best Moves are iron head and choice band. Under the ownership of Rose, It made Minor appearances in Sword and Shield: “From Here to Eternatus!” 

All Elephant Pokemon

Copperajah – The Evolved Form Of Cufan

It is a Generation VIII, steel-type Sri Lankan Elephant obvious from its huge body size. Copperajah Abilities include sheer force that causes more powerful attacks and heavy metal that increases the weight by two times. Some of the best moves are iron head heavy slam and heat crash and flash cannon. Under the ownership of Rose, It made Major appearances in Sword and Shield: “From Here to Eternatus!”

All Elephant Pokemon

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