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Arctic Abyss Poseidon Wiki Guide: Best Build & Team [Aether Gazer]

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Arctic Abyss Poseidon

  • Tier List Rank: S
  • Element: Ice
  • Resource: Energy
  • Gen-zone: Olympus

Arctic Abyss Poseidon Profile

The core members of the ninth part of the Eye of Deep Space are better at providing support with divine power behind their teammates than fighting against the skeleton.

Gentle and quiet personality, very good at listening to other people’s troubles.

  • Height: 164cm
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Birthday: March 21
  • Hobbies: Watching the sea and collecting dolphin accessories

Arctic Abyss Poseidon Build

Highest AOE damage dealer, Yongshi’s daughter; the DMG to a single boss is bad compared to other S-rank modifiers. But it’s okay, she is an AOE modifier; however, damage falls off due to higher difficulty in the current version.

The all-rounder build can consistently deal DMG and you do not need to worry about the energy. She is the typical mage sit back and deal damage. When dealing with a single enemy, building 1 red and 2 blue allows her to keep the energy up and increase crit chance. Quiet White – Condensation can help reduce the cooldown of Skill 1 and 2, it’s important.

When you have a 2, 2, 2 build for sigils, you can pick Nibelungenlied because her ultimate energy can recharge by freezing. Furthermore, freezing can reduce the cooldown of Skill 1 and 2, which in theory can lead to a better skill cycle.

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Arctic Abyss Poseidon Best Aether Codes

  • All Rounder: Red, Yellow, Blue – one each
  • Single Enemy Boss: 1 Red, 2 Blue

Arctic Abyss Poseidon Best Team

These are the best teams for Arctic Abyss Poseidon

Three Egyptian God:

  • Shinri Tsukuyomi
  • Tidal Song Poseidon

Extreme CC:

  • Drifting Flurry Leviathan
  • Frost Fang Vidar

Arctic Abyss Poseidon Voice Actors

  • Voice Actor (EN): Joseph May
  • Voice Actor (CN): 桑毓泽
  • Voice Actor (JP): Shunsuke Takeuch

Arctic Abyss Poseidon Skills

Basic – Subzero Crystal

  • Summons icicles to attack the enemy ahead, dealing 209% (Max: 368%) Ice DMG.
  • Energy: Automatically recovers 3 Energy per second.

Skill 1 – Zero Mansard 9s CD 20 Energy

  • Summons an ice thorn to attack the target, dealing 300% (Max: 600%) Ice DMG.
  • Shortly after using this Skill, tap this Skill again to perform a Recast.
  • Recast: After the ice thorn shatters, it will turn into ice fragments and attack again, dealing 240% (Max: 479.9%) Ice DMG, and obtain 1 Snow Rune.
  • Consuming 1 / 2 Snow Runes: While in the Dream state, reduce this Skill’s CD by 3 / 7 seconds, and increase self Ice DMG by 10% / 30%.

Skill 2 – Matter Frozen 12s CD 18 Energy

  • Summons an icicle that pierces the locked-on target, dealing 200% (Max: 400%) Ice DMG and inflicts Freeze for 4 seconds.
  • Shortly after using this Skill, tap this Skill again to perform a Recast.
    Recast: Creates a continuous burst of ice around the hit target, dealing 239% (Max: 479%) Ice DMG. Obtain 1 Frost Rune.
  • Consuming 1 / 2 Frost Runes: While in the Dream state, reduce this Skill’s CD by 4 / 9 seconds. Reduces the Ice RES of enemies hit by 1% / 2% for 10 seconds (Max: 20% reduction).

Skill 3 – Echoing Snow 25s CD

  • After casting S1 or S2, using this Skill will Recast the previous Skill, gaining its Runes and effects.
  • With 2 Runes possessed, this Skill consumes both Runes and gains effects based on the consumed Runes and becomes Starfrost Snow.
  • Starfrost Snow: Launches three Starfrost spells in the target direction, dealing 700% (Max: 1399.7%) Ice DMG to enemies in the path, resetting S1 and S2 CD, and enter the Dream state for 8 seconds.
  • While in the Dream state: Cannot cast S3 or its variation; casting S1 or S2 will automatically Recast them but will not generate Runes.

Dodge Skill – Whirlwind Snow

  • Dodge effect: Enters Zero Time for 3 seconds.

Ultimate – Frosty Starfall 20s CD

  • Summon multiple ice spires to fire at the target, dealing 840% (Max: 1679.9%) Ice DMG, and reduce the entire team’s S1 or S2 CD according to the number of Runes possessed.
  • 1 / 2 Snow Runes: Reduce the CD of S1 for the whole team by 3 / 7 seconds.
  • 1 / 2 Frost Runes: Reduce the CD of S2 for the whole team by 4 / 9 seconds.
  • When an enemy is Frozen, obtain a certain amount of Ultimate charge.

Ultimate Skillchain – Frostwing Dance A Hera S Poseidon

  • Deals 840% + (21.54% x Poseidon’s Ultimate Skill level) Ice DMG and 430% + (11.03% x Hera’s Ultimate Skill level) Fire DMG.
  • Reduces the entire team’s S1 CD by 4 seconds and S2 CD by 6 seconds, and generate 8% + (0.2% x Hera’s Ultimate Skill level) Ultimate charge for the team.

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Arctic Abyss Poseidon Aether Codes (Skill Tree)

Sparkling Winter

  • Frost Crystal: When Echoing Snow’s Recast effect hits an enemy, increase Energy gain by 12% for each enemy hit for 10 seconds. Can stack up to 3 times; each stack refreshing the duration.
  • Sealed: When using Echoing Snow’s Recast effect, increase self ATK by 2% per 1 Energy consumed for 10 seconds.
  • Deep Chill: When you enter the Dream state during the duration of Aether Code: Frost Crystal and Absolute Seal, increase the effects by 50% until the end of the Dream state.

Polar Galaxy

  • Falling Icicle: Recover 10 Energy when an enemy is Frozen.
  • Snowshine: After S2 Recast hits five times, the next S2 Recast will Freeze the target hit for 3 seconds.
  • Abyssal: After using S2 to reduce the Ice RES of an enemy 15 times in the Dream state, the next time this Skill reduces Ice RES, increase the Ice DMG of the team, except self, by the same amount for 10 seconds (Max: 20%).

Quiet White

  • Icedust: During the Dream state, casting S1 or S2 decreases the other Skill’s CD by 50%.
  • Condensation: During the Dream state, casting S1 or S2 increases Crit Rate by 3% for 4 seconds. Can stack up to 5 times; each stack refreshing the duration.
  • Snow-Covered: The duration of the Dream state is increased by 3 seconds.

Aether Gazer was developed by Yostar Games and is available to play for free on the Google Play Store.