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Radiant Feather Hera Wiki Guide: Best Build & Team [Aether Gazer]

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Radiant Feather Hera

Radiant Feather Hera Profile

  • Aether Gazer Tier List Rank: A
  • Role(s): Main Carry, Support Carry
  • Element: Wind
  • Resource: Trace
  • Gen-zone: Nile

Hera, the corrector who belongs to the Muse Association, is also the famous young lady of the Omorpheus Protoplasmic Area. Because of its beautiful appearance, luxurious temperament and elegant aesthetics, it is widely known among celebrities.

  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 52kg
  • Birthday: July 21
  • Likes: Attend various celebrity gatherings and hold tea parties

Radiant Feather Hera Build

Her ultimate can group enemies together, but the damage is lacking. We do not recommend build her.

[Queen of Olympus – Furious Feather] gives her good AoE ability with her ultimate, making her usable in the game’s early stages.

[Heart of Jealousy – Land of the Dawn] and [Heart of Jealousy – Sacred Blaze] provide the Scorch effect throughout the mission and can serve as a buff support for modifiers, such as Ryugiri Kagutsuchi. Ultimate Skillchain with Arctic Abyss Poseidon can replenish the team’s ultimate. As long as Hera doesn’t die, she is a good support and doesn’t require heavy investment.

Because [Heart of Jealousy – Land of the Dawn] can apply the Scorch effect effectively, she enables more damage when enemies are under Scorch. Their fire resistance is also reduced. Therefore, Rahu Asura and Ryugiri Kagutsuchi can deal more damage. If you can manually control and execute perfect dodges, even better (then why not use Airgetlam Nuadha?).

The Nibelungenlied sigil set can help her use her ultimate more frequently and group enemies.

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Radiant Feather Hera Best Aether Codes

  • Queen of Olympus – Furious Feather
  • Heart of Jealousy – Land of the Dawn

Radiant Feather Hera Best Team

Ice Team:

  • Drifting Flurry Leviathan
  • Arctic Abyss Poseidon

Radiant Feather Hera Best Sigils


Radiant Feather Hera Skills

Basic – Phoenix Flame

  • Summon phoenixes with the Diva to attack the enemy, with the last hit being a small AOE, dealing 99% (Max: 174.9%) Fire DMG.

Skill 1 – Sacred Flame Dive 8s CD

  • Summon the Diva to attack in a straight line, dealing 150% (Max: 300%) Fire DMG to enemies in its path.
  • Trace: Obtain 1 Trace

Skill 2 – Blazing Embrace 12s CD

  • Use the scepter to cause an explosion ahead, dealing 180% (Max: 359.9%) AOE Fire DMG.
  • Trace: Obtain 1 Trace

Skill 3 – Solar Blaze 18s CD 1 Trace

  • Requires at least 1 Trace to cast.
  • Cause a firestorm in the surrounding area, and deal DMG based on the amount of Trace consumed.
  • 1 Trace: Deal 240% (Max: 480%) Fire DMG.
  • 2 Trace: Deal 400% (Max: 800%) Fire DMG.
  • 3 Trace: Deal 560% (Max: 1120%) Fire DMG.
  • 4 Trace: Deal 720% (Max 1440%) Fire DMG.

Dodge Skill – Flowing Fire

  • Dodge effect: Enter Zero Time for 2 seconds and inflict “Burn” status onto the attacker, dealing 35% of ATK as DMG every 3s, lasts 13s.

Ultimate – Feather of Fury 20s CD

  • Summon the Diva to gather enemies around the target, dealing 180% (Max: 360%) Fire DMG.
  • When enemies are inflicted with the “Burn” status, obtain a set amount of Ultimate charge.

Ultimate Skillchain – Frostwing Dance

Characters: A Hera & S Poseidon

  • Deals 840% + (21.54% x Poseidon’s Ultimate Skill level) Ice DMG and 430% + (11.03% x Hera’s Ultimate Skill level) Fire DMG.
  • Reduces the entire team’s S1 CD by 4 seconds and S2 CD by 6 seconds, and recover 8% + (0.2% x Hera’s Ultimate Skill level) Ultimate charge to the whole team.

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Radiant Feather Hera Aether Codes (Skill Tree)

Queen of Olympus

  • Sacred Blaze: Skill 3’s DMG to enemies affected by “Burn” status is increased by 35%.
  • Holy Flame: For every 15 hits on enemies, obtain 1 Trace.
  • Furious Feather: Skill 3’s CD is decreased by 8s.

Golden Apple

  • Burn Injury: Dodge effect’s CD is decreased by 5s.
  • Phoenix Mark: Skill 2’s base DMG is increased by 35%, and every hit has a 10% chance of generating 1 additional Trace.
  • Fiery Path: After entering Zero Time, automatically cast Skill 2 onto the locked-on target and obtain 1 Trace. This auto-cast will not generate any additional Trace, will not put Skill 2 on CD, and every hit on enemies will decrease Dodge effect’s CD by 0.2s.

Heart of Jealousy

  • Critical Point: Skill 1 will inflict enemies hit with the “Burn” status, dealing 35% of ATK as DMG every 3s, lasts 13s.
  • Tinder: Every hit on enemies will increase self Fire DMG by 1%, and hitting enemies affected by the “Burn” status will increase self Fire DMG by an additional 1%, lasts 10s, max 15% increase.
  • Land of the Dawn: Skill 3 will decrease the Fire RES of enemies hit by 10%, lasts 8s, this effect is increased by 15% if hitting enemies affected by the “Burn” status.

Aether Gazer was developed by Yostar Games and is available to play for free on the Google Play Store.