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Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

Here’s our complete list of Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker codes for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

Call of Duty: Warzone has built a huge player base in a short amount of time. There are several Easter eggs spread throughout the map of the hit shooter game. One such secret is the Rebirth Island Bunker which can only be accessed using a code. This code is a combination of three individual codes. Let us take a look at the Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker Codes.

The working Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker code in 2022 is “42514627” which will unlock the Bunker and give you the Easter egg. This code is comprised of three individual codes which can be obtained by following the steps given below:

  • The Briefcases
  • The Photographs
  • Assemble the Codes

The fourth and final step is unlocking the Bunker and collecting your due reward.

Curious to know more? Continue reading to learn how you can acquire all of the Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker codes and get your hands on the worthwhile reward. We will be discussing each of the steps mentioned above. Without further ado, let us see how to get the Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker Codes.

Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

If you are familiar with Call of Duty’s Easter eggs, you already know that getting that sweet reward is not going to be a walk in the park, but it will not be impossible either. You can get through it step by step with the right amount of patience and determination. Let us discuss each of the steps:

The Briefcases

Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

The first clue towards opening that yellow Bunker is hidden in the suitcases. There are 13 in total, one of which spawns each game. The good news is that the briefcases have set spawns so if you have a decent team to cover while you sprint around the map and search, you will be good to go. These briefcases are noticeable so get your hands on them and move on to the next step. The locations of each briefcase on the map are shown above, 

The Photographs

The next step towards opening the Bunker door is a clue hidden in the photographs. There will be three separate photographs lying around the briefcase. These pictures will depict locations around the map that a player must visit to acquire the code for the bunkers. 

These locations have to be memorized and visited in a single go. This sounds tough, but the good news is that the hard part is over now!

Assemble the Codes

At this point, you will have three codes if you did everything correctly. 2 of these are 3-numbered codes while one is a 2-numbered code. These codes are:

  • Code 1: 425
  • Code 2: 14
  • Code 3: 627

Find somewhere nice and quiet and assemble the codes. The format is XXX-XX-XXX.

Once you have gotten hold of the code, victory is within your reach!

The Bunker

Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

The final step is making your way to the yellow Bunker, which is located on the first floor of the Rebirth Island Headquarters Command Center. You look like you could use a break, so we suggest getting there quietly, though feel free to prove us wrong. 

Once you have made your way to the yellow Bunker, enter the code that you assembled beforehand, and now it’s time for your well-deserved reward.


Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker Codes

All of your struggles will not go wasted, for you obtain the Red Room Milano 821 Blueprint along with a killstreak and new perk. These are fun rewards for you to enjoy!


That concludes our Call of Duty Rebirth Island Bunker Codes guide. Leave a comment below and let us know if this article helped you unlock that pesky Bunker. Have fun looting and shooting in Call of Duty. Good luck!

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