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What Does Rebirth Do in Elden Ring

What does Rebirth do in Elden Ring? Rebirth is the process of resetting and reallocating attribute points. This guide will help you in respeccing your character’s stats to optimize your build.

What Does Rebirth Do in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the latest open-world action RPG by the renowned Japanese developers From Software. Rebirth is a mechanic in Elden Ring that allows players to reset their character stats. It allows you to alter your playstyle as you progress further in the game and acquire more powerful armaments.

In order to rebirth your character you can follow this step-by-step guide. We have highlighted the best path that you can take to respec your characters.

Follow this guide to rebirth your character

  1. Travel to Liurnia of Lakes
  2. Acquire Academy Glintstone Key
  3. Enter Raya Lucaria Academy
  4. Defeat Queen Rennala 
  5. Acquire Larval Tear
  6. Rebirth at Queen Rennala

Why Do Players Need to Rebirth?

Rebirth allows the players to easily reallocate their attribute points to optimize their builds. Tarnished rebirth to satisfy the stat requirements of new weapons, spells, or other such equipment.

How to Rebirth Your Character in Elden Ring

As we have come to know the advantages of Rebirth, here’s how you can Rebirth your character by following this guide

Step 1: Travel to Liurnia of Lakes

First of all, you will have to travel to Liurnia of Lakes. It is one of the major areas in the Elden Ring. There are a couple of ways you can reach this region  You can reach Liurnia of Lakes either by defeating Godrick the Grafted or by traversing across the following narrow cliffside path around the east edge of the castle in northern Stormhill. Continue moving forward until you reach the Temple Quarter site of Grace.

What Does Rebirth Do in Elden Ring

Step 2: Acquire Academy Glintstone Key

From the Temple Quarter site of Grace continue moving forward you will find a dragon “Glintstone Dragon Smarag”. You can find the key behind the dragon. You can either fight the dragon or sneak past him, grab the key and run away.

Step 3: Enter Raya Lucaria Academy

After getting your hands on the key you can head back and enter the Raya Lucaria Academy. The Academy of Raya Lucaria is a Legacy Dungeon in Elden Ring. Players will have to complete this legacy dungeon to reach the Queen Rennala boss fight. There are a lot of important items scattered here. It is recommended that players thoroughly complete this dungeon instead of running past enemies to reach Queen Rennal.

Step 4: Defeat Queen Rennala

It is finally time to defeat Queen Rennala. Our recommended level to fight Queen Rennala is rune level 40.There are two phases of this boss fight. In phase one you will have to strike the children emitting gold aura to break the barrier protecting Rennala. Once she has fallen to the ground, attack her and continue doing so until she transitions into phase two. 

In phase two she will summon spirits to assist her and she will also be more aggressive. When you have defeated her you will be teleported back to the library where you can rebirth your character if you have one of the most precious key items.

Step 5: Acquire Larval Tear

Larval Tear is a material needed to rebirth your character by Rennala. You can obtain a total of 18 larval tears in one playthrough of the games. One can be obtained by defeating lesser Runebear disguised as Wandering Noble standing directly east of the Agheel Lake South site of grace. You can also buy one from the Nomadic Merchant in Siofra River, for 3,000 Runes. 

What Does Rebirth Do in Elden Ring

Step 6: Rebirth at Queen Rennala

After acquiring a larval tear you can fast travel back to Raya Lucaria Grand Library site of grace where Rennal will be present to grant you rebirth by accepting Larval tear. Interact with Rennala and select rebirth. You must reassign all levels until you reach your present level and cannot make any attributes lower than their initial level determined by your starting class.

If you are not sure about finalizing your stats you can back out of the rebirthing process and your Larval Tear will be sent back to your inventory. As mentioned above, there are only 18 Larval Tears in one playthrough so spend them wisely as this is a vast game. You will come across many interesting weapons and spells that you will want to check out.

What Does Rebirth Do in Elden Ring

If you have followed this guide you will be able to Rebirth your character any time you want by fast traveling to Queen Rennal. Please let us know in the comments what new build you will be making by Rebirthing your character.

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