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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Unlock The Epic of Alexander Raid (Ultimate) March 2023

Are you wondering how to unlock The Epic of Alexander Raid in Ultimate mode? Then check out our complete guide below!

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Unlock The Epic of Alexander Raid (Ultimate)

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Unlock The Epic of Alexander Raid (Ultimate)

The Epic of Alexander is a level 80, 8-man Ultimate raid introduced in patch 5.11 of Final
Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
. To unlock this Ultimate raid, you must first complete the Eden’s
Gate: Sepulture raid on Savage difficulty

Once you have completed the raid, go to the Wandering Minstrel (X:11.6 Y: 12.6) in Kugane
with a level 80 Disciple of War or Magic job.

Completing Eden’s Gate on Savage difficulty will allow you to select the “Talk about
” option when talking to the Wandering Minstrel. After going through or skipping the
cutscene, The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate) Raid will now be accessible.

The Epic of Alexander raid requires a minimum item level of 450 (syncs at item level 475) and
a level 80 Disciple of Magic or War job (syncs at level 80) to enter.

You will only be allowed to queue for the raid with a full party of eight players. Make sure that
all eight players have completed Eden’s Gate (Savage) and have spoken to the Wandering
Minstrel about Alexander.

Clearing the Ultimate will give you the following rewards:

  • 100 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics for every clear.
  • Achievement unlocked: When I Ruled The World
    • Title: The Perfect Legend (for both male and female characters)
    • 10 achievement points

Note: Achievement points can be used to trade for Achievement Certificates. These
certificates are a form of currency that can be traded for further rewards. Speak with
Jonathas at Old Gridania (X:10.6, Y:6.2) to trade your points.

  • Colossus Totem that can be exchanged for Ultimate raid-exclusive weapons. You may trade your totems with the following NPCs:
    • Bertana in Idyllshire (X:5.9 Y:5.2)
    • Mowen’s Merchant in The Crystarium (X:10.1 Y:11.8)

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