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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get the Vinegaroon Mount (October 2022)

Are you looking for more mounts to add to your FFXIV collection? Try this one out! Here’s our guide on how to get the Vinegaroon mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV: How to get the Vinegaroon Mount

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get the Vinegaroon Mount

The Vinegaroon mount is a flying mount introduced in Patch 6.1 of Final Fantasy XIV:
Endwalker. To get this mount, you will need to farm 3200 Sacks of Nuts obtained through The
. Upon obtaining the required Sacks of Nuts, you can trade them with J’lakshai at Old
Sharlayan (X:11.9 Y 13:2)
to get the mount.

What is The Hunt?

The Hunt is an open-world feature in FFXIV that allows you to kill bosses of different ranks for
specific rewards. To unlock this feature in Endwalker, you must go to the Diminutive Gleaner at
Old Sharlayan (X: 11.2, Y: 12.0)
and complete the quest called The Hunt for Specimens.

Upon completing the quest, you will gain access to the Guildship Hunt Board (X:11.8, Y: 13.2)
where you can take hunt bills that award Sacks of Nuts. The Sack of Nuts rewards for the hunt
bills are as follows:

  • Junior Guildship mark bills: 3 Sacks of Nuts each for five marks (available daily)
  • Associate Guildship mark bills: 4 Sacks of Nuts each for five marks (available daily)
  • Senior Guildship mark bills: 15 Sacks of Nuts each for five marks (available daily)
  • Elite Guildship mark bills: 100 Sacks of Nuts for one mark (available weekly)

Note: Junior, Associate, and Senior Guildship mark bills also give EXP and Gil rewards, while Elite Guildship mark bills also give Gil rewards.

You can also get more Sacks of Nuts without taking mark bills from the Guildship Hunt Board by
killing Elite Marks in Endwalker Areas. There are four types of Elite Marks: B-rank, A-rank,
S-rank, and SS-rank:

B-rank marks:

  • Always available throughout the map and respawn 5 seconds upon death.
  • Rewards (only available through Elite Guildship mark bills): 100 Sacks of Nuts.

A-rank marks:

  • Automatically spawns 4-6 hours after death.
  • Rewards: 40 Sacks of Nuts

S-rank marks:

  • Spawns after certain conditions are met.
  • Rewards: 100 Sacks of Nuts

SS-rank marks:

  • Spawns randomly after the death of an S-rank
  • Rewards: 400 Sacks of Nuts

Note: A-ranks, S-ranks, and SS-ranks also give various tomestones, dendroclusters, and
anthoclusters as rewards.

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