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How to Unlock & Beat the Secret Boss Fight in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course

Here’s our guide on how to unlock & beat the secret boss fight in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course DLC.

There have been many difficult games in the past, notably the Soulsborne series. But none of them have been as unique as the 30s cartoon-inspired game, Cuphead. Cuphead has come out with a new DLC in which there are a lot of new bosses and even some secret ones! This guide will discuss how to get to and defeat the secret boss in the Cuphead DLC!

How to Unlock the Secret Boss in Cuphead

How to Unlock & Beat the Secret Boss Fight in Cuphead

If you want to get to the secret boss in Cuphead, you’ll need to get a charm and solve a puzzle. The puzzle in question is the graveyard puzzle that can be completed using the Broken Relic Charm and a few directions. 

You can buy the Broken Charm from Porkrind’s Emporium for one coin. And to solve the graveyard puzzle, you’ll need to talk to the climbers to get directions that you can use to interact with the tombstones. 

Once you complete the graveyard puzzle, you’ll be given the option to nap, and if you press yes, you’ll be transported to the secret boss fight arena! 

How to Beat the Secret Boss in Cuphead

How to Unlock & Beat the Secret Boss Fight in Cuphead

As soon as you start the secret boss fight, you’ll notice that there are two characters lurking on top of you. One will be an angel, and the other will be the devil. Your main enemy in this fight will be the devil, but there is a twist!

Whichever direction you face is where the devil will appear. So, if you’re looking left, then the devil will also appear on the left side. And if you change sides, he will do the same. 

Although it makes aiming easier, it makes dodging attacks a lot confusing. The thing is, both the angel and devil will shoot projectiles at you. But the angel’s attacks are transparent and can’t harm you. Whereas the attacks from the devil are fireballs that will definitely hurt you. 

As you change directions and the two characters shift places, the nature of the attacks will also change. The transparent harmless attacks will turn into deathly fireballs and vice versa. So whenever you’re moving around, you need to keep that in mind. You can use this unique feature to dodge incoming attacks as long as there’s nothing else creeping up on you.

Secret Boss Attacks

How to Unlock & Beat the Secret Boss Fight in Cuphead

There are 2-3 attacks that you need to primarily worry about. One is the projectiles that we’ve already mentioned. The second attack is a vertical beam that stretches across the entire screen and moves from one end to the other. Depending on who emitted the beam, it can be initially transparent or harmless. Just like with the other attacks, you can change its nature by changing directions. There’s no way to get out of its way, so the only method of avoiding it is making the beam transparent/harmless as it approaches you.  

The other thing that you need to worry about during the secret boss fight is the cloud that moves from side to side around the arena. It constantly has lightning underneath it that can harm you. The best way to tackle it is to actually stand on top of the cloud. Not only will it help you avoid the lightning, but it can also help you move around the arena without unnecessarily shifting directions. 

As there is just one phase, you’ll be able to clear the fight with ease if you keep dodging the projectiles and shooting at the devil! Despite its low damage, the tracking shot works great against the boss and bypasses the need to aim while trying to dodge all the tricky attacks.


The bosses in Cuphead DLC give you ingredients that are tied to the main story. But the reward for the secret boss is slightly different. You’ll be rewarded with the Cursed Relic. It is a charm that you can use to unlock the Divine Relic and the Paladin Trophy.


You now should know everything about the secret boss in the Cuphead DLC! It’s a uniquely designed boss, and if you’re trying to unlock the Divine relic, it is a fight that you have to complete!

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Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course is available to purchase on Steam.