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Fritia Hush: Best Build & Team Guide [Snowbreak Wiki]

Fritia Hush

Welcome to our Fritia – Hush wiki guide for Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Learn everything there is to know about the character and the best Hush build.

Snowbreak Tier List Rank: S



  • Gun Class: Assault Rifle
  • Rarity: 5-Star
  • Type: Electrical
  • Role: Single Target DPS
  • Secondary Role: Laser Beam Death Ray


Hush’s character bio notes that her exoskeleton more or less only got approved because of the heat ray that it comes with, and this translates over to her gameplay disappointingly well. Her normal ability, Strongest Chain, is an AoE crowd control tool with respectable damage to boot. However, the ability only pulls in four other targets, which is a strange caveat to include.

Her support skill takes a similar support approach like her 4* variant, this time providing a defensive buff that comes with CC immunity1 when upgraded with neuronics. Once again, it has a strange drawback of being limited to five hits (though it can linger with halved effectiveness once you unlock the corresponding neuronic), and also only lasting ten seconds. Being restricted in lifespan by both hits and time (neither of which are particularly impressive) makes this an ability that must be used wisely and limits its overall usefulness, especially in stages with turrets and other rapid firing enemies.

Perhaps the reason that these two abilities are so confusingly limited in effectiveness is to allow for more power budget to be distributed to her ultimate ability, the heat ray. Damage-wise, it is good. Very good. In fact, it’s the main reason for Hush’s high tier placement. However, using said heat ray roots you in place, which is less than desirable. Additionally, being CC’d while using your ultimate cuts it off early, which is a mild inconvenience.

The solution to this problem turns out to be through manifests. Lots and lots of manifests. To gain maximum effectiveness out of her ultimate, Fritia needs to be manifest 4, which is not exactly cheap. Manifest 2 is the most sane stopping point as far as cost to benefit goes, as this is the point where using her ultimate applies her support skill buffs to Fritia herself.

This significantly reduces the drawback of being rooted during her ultimate, and if her support skill has the appropriate neuronic, also gives Fritia CC immunity1 to prevent inconvenient interruptions. Manifest 1 also removes the limit on her ult duration, extending it to “as long as you have the energy to use it.”

As stated before, Hush is heavily manifest-dependent, and sees reductions in her placement depending on manifest count. Manifest 4 is required to maintain Tier 0, while Tier 1 requires at least manifest 2. Otherwise, has Tier 2 performance. Lava Bones is the no-brainer best-in-slot, but at best pushes her to Tier 1 when combined with manifest 1. You do want to give her a fire AR though, as this unlocks one the free method of increasing her ult damage via neuronics.

Given that the main gimmick of Hush is her heat ray, you will obviously want to prioritise both of her ult neuronics, with the CC immunity (“Iron Body”1) on her support ability being the next most important. The other three neuronics are of less importance.

Wondering how well she compares to other characters? See our Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List page for more information.

Fritia Hush Build

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