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Ji Chenxing The Observer: Best Build & Team Guide [Snowbreak Wiki]

Ji Chenxing The Observer

Welcome to our Ji Chenxing – The Observer wiki guide for Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Learn everything there is to know about the character and the best Observer build.

Snowbreak Tier List Rank: S



  • Gun Class: Assault Rifle
  • Rarity: 5-Star
  • Type: Electrical
  • Role: Zone Control DPS
  • Secondary Role: Healer Support


Ji Chengxing has an interesting zone control playstyle that is just cohesive enough to work. All of her abilities can provide points of safety due to repelling enemies, especially useful against melee opponents. Her normal ability, Heavenly Law, essentially drops a turret that fights for you and also draws enemy aggro. When upgraded through neuronics, these turrets also have strong mobbing due to their chain lightning effect.

Psychic, her support skill, makes Chengxing only the second character in the game to have a healing ability. Compared to Yao’s healing, Chengxing’s heals are chunkier in size, but fewer in amount. This leads to lower absolute healing, but allows for more freedom in positioning due to the heal dispenser (which also can attract enemy aggro) basically yeeting the heal over to your active operative (range is unknown, but probably less restrictive than Yao’s band-aid circle).

Unlike Yao’s heal, Chengxing’s support ability also increases the active operative’s skill damage, essentially trading off some healing for potentially a lot more damage. The kit is tied together with Chengxing’s ult, Divine Purification. This drops a larger turret which again repels enemies, and buffs up your existing attack turrets. When upgraded, it unleashes a burst of damage, but more importantly gives Chengxing chain lightning of her own that ricochets up to five times for quite a bit of damage.

Neuronics allow for her standard and support abilities to further buff up the active operative’s skill damage by a significant amount, which means her support skill provides an even larger buff, and when used as an active operative means that Chengxing’s turrets output even more damage. Being heavily oriented towards a zone-control playstyle, one might find her a little awkward to use on certain missions where you’re constantly moving to new zones, but when allowed to set up camp, her potential will truly shine.

Can use any AR, but Trial’s Eve is an incredibly potent signature weapon that nearly rivals Winter Solstice and Space Cowboy. All five manifests are meaningful, but she works perfectly without.

Heavily prioritise her ultimate or support ability neuronics, depending on whether you value her more for her healing or her active operative performance. As for her standard skill, the Ultimate Thunder neuronic is good quality of life, but your mileage may vary for the turret healing mechanic on the other neuronic.

Wondering how well she compares to other characters? See our Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List page for more information.

Ji Chenxing The Observer Build

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