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Genshin Impact: 5 Best Characters for Fading Twilight 2024 (June)

Here is our Genshin Impact: 5 best characters for Fading Twilight guide.

With version 2.7 released, many cries of excitement have been heard from the bow users in hopes of getting their hands on the new “Fading Twilight” bow. Luckily, the weapon is attainable by partaking in the Perilous Trail event, which is the second act of the Archon Quest.

The Fading Twilight is a 4-Star bow and is an excellent Sub-DPS weapon. However, its unique passive makes it hard for players to find a suitable character that can utilize it. This, in turn, is leading to a bad reputation for the weapon.

However, we have done the homework for this weapon in order to down five characters that are able to utilize the bow to its full extent. That being said, these characters are mentioned below:

  • Yelan
  • Fischl
  • Kojo Sara
  • Venti
  • Ganyu


Even though Twilight falls in the lower spectrum of the 4-star bow’s categories, there is still a plethora of characters that can benefit from it. Having said that, our very first pick for this weapon is none other than Yelan.

Yelan has a great synergy with Twilight due to her ability to proc the weapon’s passive while being out of combat. This, in turn, allows Yelan to deal bonus damage by utilizing all three forms of the weapon.

Moreover, the ER provided by Fading Twilights sub-stat allows Yelan to deal an absurd amount of Elemental Burst.


Fischl is an excellent option to equip the Fading Twilight bow on. However, this weapon only shines in an off-field DPS build that plays around Oz – Raven’s Familiar.

She will allow you to take advantage of the Fading Twilight passive by enabling the weapon transformation without needing Fischl’s presence on the field.

In addition to the bonus damage that the bow’s transformation provides, Fischl will also benefit from the ER sub-stat of the weapon by experiencing a decrease in her burst cooldown.

Kojo Sara

Kojo Sara is a 4-star bow and a Sub-DPS character. A huge part of her Kit revolves around supporting your team with ATK buffs and Energy Recharges, thereby turning her into the perfect candidate for Fading Twilight.

When equipped with Fading Twilight, Kojo utilizes the bow’s sub stat ER and provides her party with ATK buffs for a phenomenally long duration. She then utilizes the bow’s transformations to dish out lethal damage, all while your party benefits from Kojo’s buffs.


Venti is notorious for his ability to blend into any comp because of his impressive Crowd Control. Combine that with Fading Twilight and it enables Venti to abuse his crowd control even more by providing him with extra ER.

Apart from the CC, Venti utilizes the bow’s passive to deal additional elemental burst damage. With that said, if you are using Windblume Ode as your primary weapon, we won’t advise you to swap it as it provides better value to the player.


Genshin Impact: 5 Best Characters for Fading Twilight

As of writing this post, Ganyu is a good pick for anyone who is looking to equip the new Fading Twilight bow. She can be an amazing sub-DPS character with the help of this weapon.

Unfortunately, Fading Twilight has a mediocre Base Attack stat which drops her shy of becoming the main DPS. However, the character’s abilities combined with the ER and stat-boosting provided by the bow enable her to deal a ridiculous amount of damage.


In essence, Fading Twilight is a weapon that is designed for the Sub-DPS class. It pairs up nicely with characters that can take advantage of the bow’s ER sub-stat.

Therefore, most of the characters in this list are the ones that can benefit from low-burst cooldowns. With that said, we hope this list will help you utilize this bow to its full potential.

Genshin Impact is available to download on PC for free from the Epic Games Store and the official game Launcher.

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