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How Many Satchels Do You Need To Destroy Structures In Rust? 

If you want to destroy some buildings in Rust, you will need to know how many satchels you need to destroy structures in Rust. Here’s your answer.

How Many Satchels Do You Need To Destroy Structures In Rust? 

Multiplayer survival games have been an excellent source of entertainment for gamers over the last decade. The ability to gather resources to survive while also fighting for your life against other players is a very intriguing concept. Rust falls in that category of games, and it has been incredibly successful over the years. 

To gather resources, you have the option of raiding enemy bases and camps. To perform a successful raid, you will need a good amount of explosive satchels in your arsenal to blow up walls, doors, and other structures. But how many satchels do you need to destroy structures in Rust? Let’s find out. 

In Rust, the number of satchels that you might need to blow up structures will be different for every structure. There are a few different structures in-game that you will need to blow up before entering an enemy base, and you will need a fair bit of planning to come prepared with the right amount of explosives. 

How Many Sathcels Do You Need To Destroy Structures In Rust: 

Every type of structure that you destroy will require a different amount of satchel charges to completely bring down. There are several different types of structures that you will encounter in Rust. Here is a list of all of them:

  • Stone wall
  • Garage Door
  • Sheet Metal Door
  • Armored Door

These are all the types of destroyable structures in Rust. Now let’s break down how many satchels you will require to destroy each one of them. 

  1. Satchels needed to destroy a Stone Wall: 
How Many Satchels Do You Need To Destroy Structures In Rust? 

A stone wall is a basic structure in Rust. A player can make a stone wall as strong as they want. All you have to do is add more foundations to the stone wall. But, if you encounter a basic stone wall in Rust that needs destroying, then you will only need ten satchels. However, keep some extra just in case you encounter a wall with more foundations. 

  1. Satchels needed to destroy a Garage Door: 

Garage doors are another example of sturdy structures in Rust. Like Stone Wall, the number of satchels needed to destroy this structure depends on the number of foundations that it has been built with. If we strictly talk about the basic garage doors, they will require nine satchels to bring down. Again, having a few extra satchels won’t hurt. 

  1. Satchels needed to destroy a Sheet Metal Door:
How Many Satchels Do You Need To Destroy Structures In Rust? 

Sheet Metal Doors are strong structures, and they are resistant to several different tools and weapons that you might use to bring them down. However, a good amount of satchel charge will do the trick for you. Four satchel charges, to be precise. 

  1. Satchels needed to destroy an Armored Door: 
How Many Satchels Do You Need To Destroy Structures In Rust? 

Now, an armored door might sound like the heftiest structure that you will need to destroy in Rust. That is true. So much so that you might be better off using a C4 charge rather than a few satchel charges to accomplish your mission. 

But, if using satchel charges is necessary, you will need twelve satchel charges to bring down an armored door. 

How To Craft Satchel Charges In Rust: 

Knowing how many satchels charges you might need wouldn’t matter one bit if you don’t know how to craft them. Crafting in Rust is pretty simple, and the resources that you will need to craft a satchel charge are as follows: 

  • 4 Beancan Grenades 
  • A Small Stash
  • A Rope 

All you need to do is head to your crafting menu and place them together. 

Rust offers a lot of flexibility to it’s on how they would like to survive. Some of the players will like to remain lowkey and gather their resources while staying out of sight. Other players will feel the urge to blast through every structure and kill everyone in their path to get what they need. 

If you are the latter, knowing how many satchel charges are needed for a particular raid will come in very handy. 

We hope this guide helped you prepare for your next shot at some pyrotechnics. We wish you good luck! 

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Rust is available to play on PC via Steam.