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FIFA 22 How to Get Ronaldo’s Siu Celebration With Any Player

Here’s our FIFA 22 how to get Ronaldo’s Siu celebration with any player guide. No celebration is near as stone-cold damaging to an opponent as the ‘Siu’. But how can you celebrate Siu using other players? Let’s find out!

FIFA 22 How to Get Ronaldo's Siu Celebration With Any Player

Ever played one-on-one with your best friend in FIFA 22, and things started becoming fiery? Time is running out, and you’re at a tie. A goal seems far from reach, but putting all of your faith into Ronaldo’s footwork, you tread forward. And Siu! You just one-upped your friend and gave them a lasting burn with savagery a la Ronaldo.

Of course, the best delivery of the ‘Siu’ is from the star himself, but getting him onto your roster is no easy feat. While the player will certainly be an excellent addition to your team, you will need a million coins to get him there. This begs the question. How to get Ronaldo’s Siu Celebration with literally any player? Get your shinguards ready because we’re about to find out.

Essentially, after making a goal, wait for your player to start celebrating. Now, press A on your Xbox or X on your PlayStation while near a teammate, and voila, there you have it, the iconic ‘Siiiiiu’.

What Is The Siu Celebration?

FIFA 22 How to Get Ronaldo's Siu Celebration With Any Player

If you are new to the world of FIFA, the ‘Siu’ is what’s known as a Celebration. These are built into the game to celebrate whenever your team scores a goal. Certain buttons result in certain celebrations, and you have a wide plethora of many iconic ones to choose from.

Being the signature celebration of Ronaldo himself, it is quite popular, to say the least.

It brings with it the eccentric and downright sassy attitude of the legend that created it. Arguably, it is the perfect card to have up your sleeve and pull out at the right moment to plummet the confidence of any player who dares challenge you.

While the best Siu Celeration is by the legend himself, you can do it on other players as well. 

How To Get Ronaldo’s Siu Celebration on PS 4 and PS 5

FIFA 22 How to Get Ronaldo's Siu Celebration With Any Player

Making Siu Celebration on PlayStation is pretty easy. However, you need to time it right. If you do not press the right buttons immediately after making the goal, then the cutscene will start and you will miss out on the opportunity. 

To perform the Siu on PS5 or PS4, simply press the buttons R1 and O simultaneously whilst running into a corner.

This will make the player who scored the goal begin sprinting in full force and jump up into the sky, followed by a 180-degree turn as he comes crashing down on the field shouting ‘Siiiiiu’ as others come his way to congratulate him. 

How To Get Ronaldo’s Siu Celebration on Xbox

FIFA 22 How to Get Ronaldo's Siu Celebration With Any Player

Just like in the previous case, the Siu Celebration on Xbox is fairly simple. The first step is obviously to score a goal. 

Then as your player is about to begin celebrating, press RB and B and make a run towards any of the two corner flags on the opponent’s side. This will initiate the celebration in all of its glory as if Ronaldo himself was performing it.

The siu celebration works for both Xbox Series X and S. This can be applied to any player in the game and in online multiplayer matches too.


FIFA 22, with its top-notch graphics, brings a new sense of realism to these celebrations and gives them that authentic likeness that you’d get from watching the screening of a real match. 

Regardless of which platform you use, to make the Siu celebration, make sure you press the right buttons before the cutscene starts to play. 

That brings us to the end of this guide. Thank you for reading.

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