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How to Climb out of Bronze in League of Legends (March 2024)

How to Climb out of Bronze in League of Legends

How to Climb out of Bronze in League of Legends

Learn how to climb out of Bronze in League of Legends! Being stuck in this division isn’t a nice feeling, and those who haven’t been in this hell haven’t experienced painful games at all. True, trolls are everywhere, even in Diamond, but with a significantly less number than in Bronze. However, we must be honest, and you must be honest to yourself and accept that the mistake is in you for being so long in Bronze.

It’s a division that requires individual activity to get out of it, just like all of the low divisions. We know that it’s easier said than done, which is why we’ve written a guide on how to do it with success! So, stick with us until the end of our guide and you’ll find out what steps you need to do in order to get out of bronze!

Review your games

This is a technique that almost nobody does in the lower divisions, and that’s why they end up there for so long. Reviewing the games means that you’ll get to see how you move, what you did, and what could have been improved in that game. It’s something that all professional players and high-level League players do, so it’s not ashaming nor stupid to be done. 

By reviewing the game that you just played, you will be able to see which aspects of your game need improvement. For example, you play ADC and the enemy ADC has 20 more farm than you early in the game, see where you missed this farm. You may have gone to base at the wrong time, or focused on something less important and just abandoned the farm. If you play support, you’ll notice which areas were warded by the enemy and why you didn’t clean them up in the first place.

With that being said, reviewing your games is by far the most effective advice we can give to you in order to improve your overall gaming knowledge, regardless of the role you’re playing.

Watch streamers on Twitch!

Twitch is a platform that is used by League of Legends players that are much more experienced and knowledgeable about the game. Therefore, watching them play will not only boost your knowledge about a certain champion but about the game as a whole. For example, most of the players in Bronze don’t pay attention to what’s happening around the map, as they are focused on their lane only. However, if you watch streamers from Diamond and above, you’d notice that every lane matters, and just because you are, for example, Support, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t roam to mid and help for the set-up of the kill!

Also, it would help a lot if you watch streamers that play your favorite role. For example, if you are a mid-laner and love playing Twisted Fate or Gankplank, then watching Tobias Fate would help you a lot. The same goes for the ADC role and Doublelift, as the latter has a wider pool of champions due to his experience and his professional knowledge of the game.

Spend some time watching, observing, and learning the philosophy of the game and the champions you play, as that will help you a lot when you go into the next game.

Improve the gold income!

This is a very important thing to do, especially if you play ADC, mid, or top lane. Let’s take the ADC role as an example. If you go to base with less amount of gold compared to the enemy ADC, you’ll come back with a Pickaxe or Boots, while the enemy ADC will come back with B.F Sword. One major difference would normally be the farming process, as for this to happen, the enemy ADC would have to out-farm you. 

The same goes for the Mid and Top lanes with a difference in the itemization. Therefore, a farm is the most important thing to collect in League, but if you can have a free kill thanks to a visit paid by your jungler or support, do not hesitate to take it. That way, you’ll have +300 gold and some free farm due to the fact that you’ve just killed your enemy! However, you shouldn’t push for the kill at all times, as 300 gold is equal to 15 minions killed. So, if you don’t gain much from the kill, no need to push hard for it!

Loss is a loss, get over it!

The worst mentality that a player can have is: “I don’t log out until I win one”. Then, the player proceeds to lose 5-6 more games and get demoted to Bronze II/III while being so close to promotions. Losses happen, it is a 50/50 chance when the game starts. True, some hurt more than others, but that doesn’t mean you have to jeopardize the next game just because of a bad previous one. What you can do after the loss is just watch the video of the game, see where are the mistakes that you made, and focus on improving them.

Also, another good tip is to just log off League, watch some educational videos from Streamers on YouTube, or even watch Streamers directly. That way, your energy will be channeled towards learning and not griefing, flaming, and intentional feeding in the next game. Hotheads tend to lose more games than others, and you’ve probably won quite some games against these kinds of players because they aren’t a novelty in bronze.


Bronze is truly a hell to be stuck in, mostly because of the trolls, the lack of communication and overall knowledge, and the fact that you have to take stuff into your own hands. However, if you learn how to do this, then climbing out of Silver, Gold and other divisions would be a much easier task for you. Therefore, we hope that you’ll start implementing our advice in your next game, and we hope that they will boost your performance and improve your gaming knowledge! 

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